Happiness is a Pair of Indestructible Boots

When an email from a Timberland consumer starts with, “”This is what happens when you sell a product with the Timberland name on it,” it doesn’t always end with hearts and happy faces.  Which made the following feedback from Scott in Pennsylvania such a pleasant surprise:

Since I have owned these boots, I have had to buy two sets of laces and an insert for the interior.  Why?  Because I just can’t ruin these boots.  The laces wear out from getting tied 365 days a year. These boots have to be around 8 years old, I use them for work – motorcycle riding – hiking – hunting and even church. I just can’t destroy them no matter how bad I abuse them. I noticed the stitching starting to come apart on my right boot and just started to laugh, they still won’t fall apart.

I just wanted to let you know that you make an amazing product and I plan on purchasing a new pair.  Thank you for making a great product.

Scott's boot - well worn, well loved

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