Happy Anniversary to Sara and Her Boots

Anyone who has ever felt emotional about a pair of shoes (it’s not just me … right?) will appreciate the latest customer note from our inbox:

This Christmas, I will be celebrating my third anniversary with my favorite boots… a pair of knee-high Timberlands. They are the best pair of boots I have ever had. I get compliments on them all the time, even in their old age, and I have repaired the zipper just one time. Their durability, unique but simple style, and reliability are the qualities with which I am having this love affair.  :)

This is just a note to say, thank you. Though I will be ever so sad when they are finally put to rest, I am thinking next year, I look forward to buying a new pair just like ‘em from you folks. Although I am of modest means, I will return to Timberland whenever possible for my boot needs.

Thank you!
Sara in Oregon

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