Mow At Your Own Risk (and Preferably in Steel-Toe Boots)

From our email inbox, yet another scary lawn-mowing story — this one courtesy of Dennis in Ontario, Canada:

I have been the owner of a pair of Timberland Pros for about three years. I found the boots to be very comfortable and durable. I am in the construction trade and wear the boots daily.

On May 26, I returned home from work and proceeded to cut the grass. As I was working in a garden area of my yard I was backing up and tripped over a rock in the garden, pulling the lawnmower up and onto my foot. The quality of your product saved me from what would have been serious if not catastrophic injury. The steel toe stopped the blade from striking my foot and I only received bruising from the impact.

I have since replaced the shredded boots with a new pair of Timberlands, and am writing this as a testament to the quality of your product.

Thanks again.

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