Now That’s a Big Foot

Our latest customer correspondence comes from Dave in California … affectionately known around here as “15D Dave.”  Remains to be seen whether we have a new pair of his beloved boat shoes in the right size, but you can bet we’re looking into it!

I got these over 25 years ago at a factory outlet in Maine. Thought I’d share that they are still my favorite shoes, though relegated now to the house and patio, I wouldn’t garden without them. Here in Santa Barbara, they see more use than flip flops. Though I have to say I have thought about a new pair. With some down time after Christmas, thought I would document them for my wall. Then my graphic artist side took over and I decided to send you this memento.  Cheers!


  • Astralislux

    That would be great but you won’t get a new pair of Timberlands that will last that long. You’ll be lucky to get them to last more than two years.

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