Ride On, Bryan (but get some new boots first)

We get a lot of feedback from our customers … some good, plenty bad, every once in a while, ugly.  In the spirit of sharing All Things Timberland here on our new Bootmakers Blog, we’ll be sharing these customer stories from time to time.  (Yes, even the bad and ugly ones as long as they’re obscenity-free.)  Enjoy – and feel free to submit your own Timberland product stories and comments.  We just might use them!

This one came from Bryan “lucky foot” in Virginia:

I was involved in a motorcycle accident while wearing my Timberland hiking boots. I had an older gentleman pull out in front of me. The bike was totaled during the accident. The main injury that I had was to my right foot. The running board on the bike was bent upwards, folded in half and then ripped off the motorcycle.

After being rushed to the hospital, my foot was found to have been smashed and a hole was blown in the back of the heel the size of a quarter from the pressure exerted from the foot being crushed. The doctors and lawyer attribute my not having any broken bones in the foot to the boots I was wearing. When the lawyer took a look at the bike, he stated that I am lucky to just have a foot and that he had seen (similar accidents) where individuals’ feet were just severed off. I give the boot all of the credit and a little luck and even if the boots did not survive the accident, my foot did.

Thanks for producing such a quality product. Ride on.


  • frank

    I have been a valued customer of timberland for twenty years, if in town they did’nt carry them
    I would drive sometimes to another state to get them,,some people along the way think i have always been
    crazy telling me to buy something cheeper,, the quality of these boots would last forever..untill recently i purchased a pair just because, the typical high work boot, and in less then a month they fell apart…why
    ??? i brought them to a shoe repair and he said they would never be the same throw them out….why??
    so i tried to take them back for exchange, they said i was nuts,,I dont want my money back i want the quality
    of boot I’ve known for twenty years,,

  • ole boy

    How come if the new Timerland Earthkeeper boot is made of 1.5 recycled plastic bottle, they still cost $100?

  • Anonymous

    ole boy: We’re proud of the recycled materials we use in our Earthkeepers products – and there’s a lot more than plastic bottles making them perform well and look good. Have you visited our Earthkeepers microsite? http://bit.ly/eni5p9

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