What Happens When 400 lbs of Steel Meet PRO Boots?

The short answer is nothing good … the longer answer (complete with visual) you’ll find below in an email we received from Michael, a Timberland customer who most definitely does NOT have a desk job.

Hearing from Michael made our day – and do you know why?  Because there’s nothing better than hearing from people who have nice things to say about their Timberland products.  Check out the Timberlove:

A few weeks ago while working, a large 400 lb block of steel fell on my foot from about waist level. The way it landed, the tip of the steel toe took most the weight but part of the “foot print” of the landing caused it to hit above where the steel toe ended, resulting in a broken big toe. The boot held up, other than a gash in the leather. That aside, I know for sure if I was wearing any of my other brand boots … it could have been worse. I just have to say, as I walk on my foot that I still have, I’m definitely a lifetime Timberland customer.

Michael's Timberland PRO boot. Does anyone else's toe hurt just looking at this?

We also received the following from Hall — longtime Timberlover, first time commenter:

Over the past 15+ years I have purchased numerous Timberland garment items (jackets, shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, etc.), and I don’t recall that I have ever worn out any of these items to the extent that they are not still suitable for wear.  This is an unsolicited compliment concerning the uncommon quality of all your products and, therefore, I am never reluctant to buy any garment that bears the name of your company.

I felt compelled to stop what I was doing and give you encouragement to continue providing the inimitable quality of products that I have experienced during the last 15 years and I thank you so much!!!

Believe it or not, we also like to hear it when our products don’t work the way they’re supposed to – knowing when there’s a problem helps us to create a solution.  Got kisses or disses for us?  Fire away.

  • Shawn

    A colleague of mine encountered a similar accident at our workplace. We work in a warehouse where shelves and rackings take up most of the space. They accommodate heavy cartons of metal parts so it is mandatory for us to put on a pair of work safety boots provided by the company. The boots are so heavy that we often drag our feet whenever we are tired. As heavy-duty as they sound, they are not however as safe as we thought they were. My friend had a fractured toe and a few lacerations on his foot when a carton fell from his hands as he handled it wrongly. I will definitely recommend my company to start purchasing Timberland products instead!

  • http://www.uncomfortablefoot.com/ Sanita

    I don’t think there are many shoes in the market now that can hep reduce the damage that a 400lbs steel can cause. It might be luck, or it might be the boots, but that man is lucky to have avoided any major injuries.

  • Anonymous

    Hi. I have worn Timberland boots for about twenty years now – not the same pair, clearly. I love them – the quality and comfort is evident. However, my mother (now sadly deceased) purchased a pair of 6″ waterproof boots for me about a year ago which I intended to keep “for best”. Unfortunately, after only a few outings, all on tarmac, the sole separated from the upper. I was advised by a number of cobblers that it was a manufacturing fault and that the boot was beyond repair and I should return them. I brought them to my local Timberland store here in Dublin, Ireland, and even though the assistant recognised that the boot had hardly been worn, was most definitely a Timberland product and had not failed because of wear and tear, I was refused any assistance whatsoever as I could not produce a purchase receipt! This has left me feeling very angry towards Timberland as I know the product is portrayed as being of premium quality which I would normally agree with, sadly the customer experience, at least here in Ireland, is far from premium.

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