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Timberland Puts Boots on the Ground for Serv-a-palooza

Tomorrow promises to be a quiet day at Timberland, as nearly 5,000 volunteers participate in our 13th annual global community service day — Serv-a-palooza.  Timberland employees and partners will spend the day creating positive, sustainable impacts at 160 project sites in 24 countries around the world.

Never better than when we’re together: Team Timberland will help to transform communities around the world
during the 13th annual global Serv-a-palooza

Community greening and revitalization is the focus for this year’s Serv-a-palooza events, which include:

  • Restoring a wildlife reserve in London, England that supports a number of important ecological habitats.
  • Transforming a foster care facility in Madrid, Spain by planting a vegetable garden and constructing a leisure area in the outdoors.
  • Winterizing a garden in Munich, Germany by planting bulbs, removing weeds and trimming overgrown bushes.

To learn more about our commitment to community service and the programs with which we support it, visit the community engagement page on  And stay tuned here on the Earthkeepers blog for post-palooza  photos, videos and reports from our events across the globe.

Batkeeping in Benelux

Our Timberland colleagues in Benelux spent their recent Serv-a-palooza service day at Fort Walem — part of the old fort belt built around the city of Antwerp in the mid-to-late 1800s.  The fort is now under the protection of Natuurpunt (a nature conservation organization based in northern Belgium), whose members and volunteer partners are working hard to make the former fort a haven for “nature recovery.”

Our Serv-a-palooza volunteers spent their day cleaning out the old fort’s tunnels filled with thousands of gas masks, filters, rusty tubes and rotted boxes.  Once cleaned out the tunnels are used, essentially, as "bat caves" – providing shelter for bats seeking a safe, comfortable spot where they can hibernate out of harm’s way for the winter.

Congratulations to our Benelux Earthkeepers for a creative "recycling" effort — creating new purpose for an old fort,  and providing much-needed wildlife habitats for winter-weary bats.

Service with a Smile

If the cliche is true and a picture really is worth a thousand words, then we ‘re saving ourselves a lot of writing by sharing the following video with you.  It depicts the spirit and the impact of our annual Serv-a-palooza event more powerfully than written words could … plus it’s more fun to look at.

Happy Campers

One of the 150+ community service projects that took place across the globe last week as part of Timberland’s 12th annual Serv-a-palooza was at a YMCA camp not far from our NH headquarters.  Each summer the camp is home to over 100 kids, many of them inner-city residents who otherwise might not have an opportunity to camp, canoe or experience the great outdoors firsthand … and learn valuable life skills in the process.

100 Timberland employees descended on the camp last week to help with fall clean-up and winter preparation, as well as some new construction projects which will benefit next summer’s campers.

Ready to Serve

Although our team in Egypt got a jump on the rest of us, for most of the Timberland community tomorrow is Serv-a-palooza – our worldwide, annual day of community service.  For the 12th year in a row, Timberland employees across the globe will be working alongside business partners and citizens to create positive, sustainable impact in local communities.

“Impact” can be vague.  Here’s what it means for us, in Serv-a-palooza terms:

  • 3,800 volunteers at 154 projects in more than 24 countries – committing more than 30,0000 hours of community service.
  • Planting trees, building bridges, constructing recreational parks, cleaning trails and gardens, building compost bins, fences and relationships that matter … 
  • Making life a little better and a little brighter for the camps, parks, social service organizations, environmental agencies and other community partners who will benefit from our sweat and labor, time and tools.

We haven’t maintained our 12-year-and-counting commitment to Serv-a-palooza because we love the publicity, or the community gratitude, or a day off from our regular jobs (although those are all nice perks).  We do it because we can, because one day can make a difference, because being part of something good just plain feels good. 

Stay tuned for post-Palooza reports and photos … and to join us for similar service adventures, register for project updates and invitations on

Earthkeeping in Egypt

Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting, in which Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and smoking from sun-up until sundown … a time to ask for guidance and forgiveness, and to practice self-restraint and good deeds.

Timberland’s team in Egypt took the “good deeds” piece to heart this year, hosting their annual Serv-a-palooza community service day in the middle of Ramadan for the benefit of a local school in need.  35 volunteers spent the day installing a water tank and pump (the school previously had no water access), cleaning, painting and landscaping the school grounds, and distributing packets of school supplies and flu prevention information to more than 600 students.

If our volunteers were experiencing any lack of energy due to the fast, it wasn’t evident in the effort and enthusiasm they brought to their service day:

Timberland Egypt reminds us that critical needs exist every day of the year, all around the globe; our thanks to them for inspiring the rest of us to take on more good deeds.

Earthkeeping Around the Globe

Next Thursday, Timberland employees around the globe will participate in the company’s 10th annual “Serv-a-palooza” – a company-wide celebration uniting employees, vendors, community partners, and youth in a day of community service. Many of this year’s 140 Serv-a-palooza projects are focused on environmental stewardship – from cleaning up trash near Mount Fuji to removing invasive plant species in England.

The goal of Serv-a-palooza – beyond enjoying a day out of the office and a unique teambuilding opportunity with colleagues – is to create a positive, sustainable impact on the community in which you’re serving. As a visual example of the kind of impact that can be created by a group of energetic volunteers in one day, consider these photos from another recent Timberland service day — Earth Day 2008, when approximately 100 volunteers spent the day planting native vegetation in Taipei’s Peace Park in Taiwan.

Before the Earthkeeping started:

On Earth Day:

The positive impact — still growing three months later:

Next week’s Serv-a-palooza projects promise to yield equally rewarding transformations … some of which we hope to document and share here on Earthkeepers. Stay tuned.