10-Sec Tech: Tireless Technology for Sore Feet

If you’re someone who spends all day on your feet (or, if you just FEEL like you do), the latest installment in our 10-sec tech video playlist is for you.  We’ve found the perfect solution for sore, tired feet and we call it “anti-fatigue technology:”

There may, in fact, be more to our anti-fatigue technology than marshmallow soles and cucumber facials (say it isn’t so!), and those of you wanting to pull back the curtain just a little more are invited to watch our VP of Men’s Footwear, Brian, explain the concept in more detail.  And whether you’re a doubter or a dreamer, you’re sure to find a pair of anti-fatigue boots or shoes on our website that will keep you energized and on your feet, all day long.

  • Drew Huffine

    I”m not so sure about this whole Timerland mania thing. I’ve worn Blundstones for years. I made the switch to a pair of Timberlands. At first I was impressed by how comfortable, they are, but as soon as conditions in the cellar went from dry to wet, I discovered these “waterproof” boots were leaving like a sieve. 

    –unhappy winemaker in Napa 

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