A Bounty of Beautiful Boat Shoes

You don’t need stellar sailing credentials to sport this season’s colorful, comfortable nautical style: Check out some of our favorite Timberland women showing off their favorite Timberland boat shoes:

Love the looks?  You can shop our entire boat shoe collection now to find your own sea-worthy style.

  • Smikhas

    Hello Kate…. may I ask – why is it impossible to send a simple email to anyone in Timberland anymore? Nobody cares, or what? The age of personal communication is over for Timberland? I don’t mean rants or complaints or orders, but what about saying some good personal stuff that I don’t want to share on the Internet with everyone? I couldn’t find a single email address for that, not PR, not customers’ advocate, not anyone at all. Not so long ago, it was different…

    If you care to reply, please write to smikhas@inbox.ru. Thank you in advance, or thank you anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Smikhas- I’m sorry you’ve had trouble tracking us down! This link will take you to our contacts page: http://newsroom.timberland.com/Newsroom/Contact-Us

  • http://www.uncomfortablefoot.com/ Sanita

    It really is a great shoe to spice up your summer wardrobe. Not only are they fashionable to wear at the docks, they are comfortable shoes to wear too! However, I doubt I would be like the lady with many pairs of the same shoes just in different colours.

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