Five Ways to Woo Your Eco-Lover

Want to turn on your mate?  Turn off the lights, say the respondents of Timberland’s Eco-Love survey, conducted last month.  According to the survey, more than three-quarters (77%) of Americans find eco-minded behaviors (like turning off the lights when you leave the room) attractive.

It’s just this kind of tip you’ll find in Timberland’s Green Guide to Dating and Love — full of dos, don’ts and creative eco-romance ideas.  We teamed up with the dating experts at OKCupid to create the guide, in hopes that we might help to foster a little bit of green love this Valentine’s Day.

Here are some other ways to increase your odds of attracting an eco-lover:

  • Get outside! Nearly 60% of people said they would prefer to meet a potential date while participating in an outdoor leisure activity (think about it: better chances of meeting Mr. Right at the park than in your living room).
  • Dress for success in eco-conscious gear. Nearly one-third (30%) of Americans are attracted to people who consider the environmental impact of the products they buy, including clothing.  (Lucky for you, we’ve got Earth-conscious Earthkeepers footwear and apparel.)
  • Don’t be an eco-slacker. Top turnoffs, according to our survey, include littering, not recycling, and being a “climate change denier.”   Embrace the Earth and maybe someone else will embrace YOU.
  • Don’t be an environmental zealot. On the flip side, there is such a thing as too much eco-passion.  46% said if their date pushed them to order environmentally-responsible food (think organic, locally-grown), that first date might also be the last.

Check out the Green Guide to Dating and the results of our Eco-Love survey, and then go get yourself an eco-minded Valentine!  You can thank us later.

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