‘Missing the Boat’ Was Never This Much Fun

Timberland’s latest TV commercial is a salute to diehards everywhere – and we don’t mean “diehard” in an angry, elite or intense way, but in a fresh air, sun on your face, fun-seeking way.   Take the hero in our new Timberland TV commercial, for example: what kind of sailor oversleeps and misses the boat on the day of the regatta?  I’m guessing one that has some seriously fun stories to tell from the night before:

Fortunately for our sailor and his crew, our new Formentor boat shoe is made with Gripstick™ technology, which is engineered for traction on wet and dry surfaces, as well as water-shedding quad-cut siping and anti-microbial footbeds and linings for odor control (because there’s nothing funny about stinky feet, ever).

The Formentor kept our hero jumping all the way to his own boat without a single slip along the way, and nary a hair out of place (although I don’t think we can take credit for the hair).

Learn more about the design and technology behind the Formentor, and check out our entire spring line of boat shoes before you embark on your own version of diehard fun.

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