No Strong Men Were Injured in the Filming of This Commercial

The epic battle between strong and stronger, brought to you by Timberland PRO®:

Yes, we make some tough boots.  We’re also interested in helping you stay on your feet in other ways:  On the Timberland PRO® website, we’ve got a job search program to help locate job opportunities based on category (construction, automotive, manufacturing, etc.) and location.  And through a partnership with, we’ve got a discussion board where different contractor-focused questions and problems are covered every week.  Join the conversation — if you’ve got the best answer to the “World’s Toughest Problem,” you could win a free pair of Timberland PRO® Endurance boots!

  • Jowilson56

    Timberland boots appear to use good quality leather. However the bottoms leave a bit to be desired. The center of the Pro Series bottoms split straight across after about 18 months of use. It was not just a crack but the entire split went from side to side of the boot all the way to my foot. Timberland needs to work on that.

  • Anonymous

    Jowilson – we’ll be sure to forward your comment to the PRO team. Thanks for letting us know!

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