Summer-Loving Sandals

Summer is finally, officially here and we couldn’t be happier about longer days, warmer weather and the unquestionable correlation between sunny skies and sunny moods.  And what better way to celebrate summer than by strapping on a pair of I-can-have-fun-and-look-fabulous-at-the-same-time sandals?  We’ve got them.  See for yourself:

Find your own summer-loving style on our website, and then get out there and soak it up.  You’ve earned it.

  • Dante Cabingabang

    good day i was given a pair of shoes by my boss around sept of 2007 a timberland eathkeepers slip on brown leather and a heavy duty rubber traction sole, i rarely use it ,use it approx 30  times but on first week on march of 2012 when i was walking in a mall , i notice my left foot slipping , and i saw my  left shoe rubber sole was detach from the leather side but the right shoe is still good and intact. i was still wondering what went wrong tnx      dan c philippines

  • Kate King

    Hi Dante – if you contact your local distributor, they may be able to help you. Call +63 9178980106 or email Good luck!

  • Sanita

    Summer is the time to slip on the most comfortable sandals and keep those office shoes somewhere you can’t find. Okay maybe you should not do that, but who cares about fashionable sandals when you can enjoy any pair as long as they make your feet feel comfortable.

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