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Week 2: The Brass Tracks

by Gabriel London

It’s week 2 of the Copenhagen Climate Conference and the Bella Center has never been more crowded. Copenhagen Dispatch with Olivia Zaleski #4 marks a new chapter in our coverage because we get into the brass tacks of negotiation: developed vs. developing nations. The conclusion of this conversation in Copenhagen will either yield us a deal or come up short. And your voices – dear viewers – can make all the difference.

As we began the week, with the protest fresh in our minds , we thought we would find a story inside the Bella Center that pitted the developing world against the rich nations like the US and UK. What we uncovered along the way , however, was not so much an insurmountable divide between the rich and poor nations, but instead a unifying bridge, embodied by Ed Milliband , head negotiator for the UK, and Ambassador Dessima Williams , UN representative from Grenada and chairwoman of the much discussed bloc of island nations, AOSIS (Alliance of Small Island States ).

We’re hitting the home stretch and word is that Hillary Clinton herself will be here to lend the US its strongest negotiating hand . We gonna chronicle it up to the end (well, almost, because it seems we’re headed home Friday as Obama arrives!).

Copenhagen is buzzing. Stay tuned for all that’s left to come . . .


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