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Batkeeping in Benelux

Our Timberland colleagues in Benelux spent their recent Serv-a-palooza service day at Fort Walem — part of the old fort belt built around the city of Antwerp in the mid-to-late 1800s.  The fort is now under the protection of Natuurpunt (a nature conservation organization based in northern Belgium), whose members and volunteer partners are working hard to make the former fort a haven for “nature recovery.”

Our Serv-a-palooza volunteers spent their day cleaning out the old fort’s tunnels filled with thousands of gas masks, filters, rusty tubes and rotted boxes.  Once cleaned out the tunnels are used, essentially, as "bat caves" – providing shelter for bats seeking a safe, comfortable spot where they can hibernate out of harm’s way for the winter.

Congratulations to our Benelux Earthkeepers for a creative "recycling" effort — creating new purpose for an old fort,  and providing much-needed wildlife habitats for winter-weary bats.