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Back on the Bus

We’re excited to have a repeat performer in the ranks of Earthkeeper Heroes this year: the Big Green Bus is back and better than ever!

The bus itself is new and improved.  The specially-modified 1989 MCI coach boasts wireless internet and surround sound, solar panels and bamboo hardwood flooring … and runs on waste vegetable oil. 

Most exciting, the Big Green Bus contains 14 Dartmouth College students bound and determined to spend their summer changing the world.  Over the next few months they’ll travel through 30 states coast to coast, making more than 40 educational stops along the way to show off their green mobile classroom and spread the good word about alternative energy and sustainable living practices. 

The Bussers kick off their cross-country tour this week, and may well be rolling through a city near you; check out their tour schedule at  And, to follow their travels and travails anytime, you can find them on

Fields of Green

One more reason to love America’s favorite pastime:

Major League Baseball is joining forces with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to support and coordinate environmental stewardship efforts in virtually every Major League Baseball club across the US.  Under the collaborative “Team Greening Program,” Major League clubs will be able to share best environmental practices and information on everything from offsetting carbon emissions from team travel to establishing recycling programs and incorporating environmental language into contracts and purchasing policies.

Our own Earthkeeper Heroes on the Big Green Bus took time out from their cross-country tour to talk with Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, Senior Scientist for the NRDC, about the Major League Baseball partnership … and the incredible potential for environmental education and impact that lives within our nation’s greatest ballparks. 

Click here to read Big Green Bus blogger Andrew Zabel’s reflections on the inspiring conversation … and visit the NRDC Greening Advisor™ website for more information about how your favorite team is working to go green.

Christmas in July

… At least that’s what it looked like when some of the Big Green Bus team took skis and snowboards to Imogene Pass, Colorado (outside of Telluride) last week.  The bussers took a much-needed break over the July 4th weekend and enjoyed the result of last winter’s record snowfall.

Big Green Bus blogger Andrew Zabel notes, however, that even the simple pleasure of skiing down a snowy slope on a sunny day is not without guilt:    “… the carbon dioxide emissions from lifts, or in the case of our July adventure, an SUV, reduce the likelihood that we’ll get to enjoy a similar experience in the future.  In a warmer world, mountain snowpack in the Rockies will rarely if ever last into July.”

The good news?  The experience left the bussers relaxed, rejuvenated, and all the more committed to their journey in the name of alternative fuel education.

Click here for more breathtaking snow photos and here for the rest of the blog post about the Big Green Bus team’s summer ski adventure.

Now Rolling Through a City Near You

We’re living vicariously through the team from the Big Green Bus this summer.  In the 3 short weeks they’ve been on the road, this 12-person team and their veggie-oil powered bus have already lobbied with senators on Capitol Hill, danced at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee, and served with a Hurricane Katrina relief organization in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.  We think they’re Earthkeeper Heroes not only for their commitment to alternative energy education, but also for managing to maintain such a frenetic schedule!



With every stop, the Bussers are spreading the good green word and growing their fan base.  There’s something undeniably friendly about a bright green school bus — packed with bright, enthusiastic college students — that invites onlookers to come closer, take interest, and listen to the story of this passionate team and their effort to educate America about the importance of alternative fuel, one city at a time.

Sadly, we don’t have enough vacation time banked to join the Big Green Bus team on their summer tour.  But we’re following their every move through their blog, video posts and podcasts on (and now you can, too).

And we’re not the groupies following from afar …the Boston Globe has taken a shine to the Bussers and their mission as well.  Click here for the Globe’s feature story on the “Big Green Machine Dream Team,” and follow their ongoing coverage through the Globe’s travel blog.

Roll on, Bussers.  Here’s hoping for a smooth ride, copious veggie oil and greener days ahead.