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Timberland Helps Local Scouts Spring Into Action

On Thursday July 15, Timberland had the privilege of hosting 43 Cub Scouts from the Daniel Webster Council for an afternoon of educational dialogue and arts and crafts. To the Cub Scouts’ surprise and joy, at the end of the day, they were awarded the “Spring into Action” patch:

“Doing well and doing good” was the focus of the opening conversation. It was discussed how we at Timberland believe in the power of people to transform their communities and make a difference in the world – that we ALL have an opportunity to make it better.  It was illustrated how Timberland does just that – from the 40 hours of paid community service per year each employee is encouraged to utilize, to making shoe components from recycled tires and water bottles – which was a jaw-dropping fact, I assure you.  We spoke of silver-rated tanneries and solar and wind powered factories.  We spoke of LED light bulbs and carbon footprints.

The Scouts were asked to think about how this “doing well and doing good” platform translates to their lives.  That the Earth is in need of our help – and every little bit we can do makes a difference. That we all need to be Earthkeepers.

The Scouts also played “TIMBO” – Timberland’s version of Bingo.  Board squares consisted of items that could be recycled.  Prizes were given to the first couple of Scouts with TIMBO – but also rewarded to the child that could guess what all the words had in common.  We also all learned what an aseptic is (the airtight container that is used for sterilized packaging so that freshness is preserved – like with milk or juice – and it’s recyclable).

The next order of business focused on the importance of wildlife conservation.  The Scouts painted birdhouses, and were provided bags of birdseed to fill them with. As some of the Picassos were still finishing up their birdhouses, other Scouts started working on the next project – pet rocks.  The focus here was that there are fun ways to repurpose nature – even something as simple as a rock is transformed when two eyes are applied.

Lastly, we made God’s-Eyes.  The relevance here was a nostalgic one.   Not to date myself…but don’t we all remember making these when we were a child?  Life wasn’t so complicated back then – heck, email didn’t even exist!  The point was that they are just as much fun to make today as they were back then.   The Scouts were amazed that it was so easy to make something so beautiful.  (An added bonus — anyone who knows 29 year Timberland veteran George Belanger would have paid money to see him making one.)

After a little snack, we circled up and awarded the Cub Scouts their “Spring Into Action” patches.  I thought it quite fitting that there were lug prints on the patch – to remind the Scouts of their time at Timberland – and to reinforce that we all need to do our part and be the best Earthkeepers we can be.

Timberland volunteers will long remember this day, and we are all thankful that the company has enabled us to have events such as this.  It was all about the kids on Thursday, but planting the seed of environmental consciousness with today’s youth was personally a very rewarding experience, and I believe a very sound investment.

Kati Lynes
Timberland Sales Planning Manager