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City Year Service, London Style

Adele, a manager at Timberland’s International Design Center in London, shares the following story about a day of service with City Year London:

What an excellent day at the Peel Institute!

On Wednesday 9th February, City Year joined forces with volunteers from Timberland, Burberry and Wilton and Bain to transform the gardens of the Institute, a community centre which serves the diverse communities of Islington providing opportunities and facilities for education, recreation and the advancement of social, economic and mental wellbeing.

We were welcomed by young leaders, in their bright red, easily distinguished gear ( supplied by TBL), who have worked for City Year from September 2010 so far.  What an inspiration it is, to see young confident people leading and being fully engaged in community service!

City Year service days are a unique opportunity to transform a community site while working with other dedicated volunteers in an enjoyable atmosphere. The ARAMARK civic engagement team are young devoted and energetic corps members whose focus is on staging these events, organising and preparing all projects so volunteers can simply step in and make a difference.

City Year strives to make their service projects inspirational, transformational and sustainable. As such, they work closely with the local community to find what areas need physical change and how to use volunteer muscle to make that a reality.

As a result of recent government cuts, non-essential maintenance of the Peel Institute has had to be stopped, and as a result the gardens had become overgrown and uninviting to the community.  During our day of service, we worked on improving the garden and outdoor space, and prepared an area to be used as a playground in the future.  City Year hopes to continue working with Peel, engaging volunteers to utilise and maintain the general upkeep of the outside space.

Timberland volunteers all enjoyed the experience, and we look forward to working with City Year again!