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72 Hours for Clean American Power

Over the next three days, hundreds of thousands of people will be urging their senators to pass clean energy and climate legislation as part of a 72-hour call-in campaign – a national grassroots’ effort by more than 30 groups.

The campaign is organized by environmental organizations, labor unions, veterans groups, faith and business leaders who want to build momentum for climate action.  The urgency?  Congress is, right now, setting its agenda for the rest of 2010. We need clean energy and climate legislation to be on the table.

 If you believe that investing in clean energy can create jobs, protect our security, put America at the forefront of a global market and help us solve global warming, then add your voice to the 72-hour campaign: either call 1-877-973-7693 or use the campaign’s “click to call” tool.  Let our elected officials know who you are — and that you support passing clean energy and climate legislation now.