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Timberland Grows Goodness in Thailand

Last year, members of our Timberland team in Thailand worked together with students and staff at the Woradithwithayaprasooth orphanage school to create a vegetable garden.  The school, established by a Buddhist monk in 1952, provides education to approximately 500 children.

On their service day, Timberland volunteers turned 1,000 square meters of land into a vegetable garden.  Once the garden grows, the vegetables will be used in the school’s kitchen — reducing the organization’s food expenses and also providing healthy, organic food to its students.

See how Timberland Thailand’s garden grows!

Community Gardening in China

Last fall, discouraged by the plot of abandoned wasteland in front of her apartment in China’s Guangdong Province, Xiao Qing decided to do something about it.  Qing, an employee at Dongguan Zerong Bag Co. Ltd. (a factory Timberland contracts with), cleaned up the plot of land and planted white radish.  While her initial planting didn’t yield great green results, the experience was rewarding and inspirational enough that Qing reclaimed another abandoned lot, and then another.  Over time her “garden” grew to include spinach, lettuce and celery … and her efforts attracted other community members interested in sharing in her land transformation.

What started as a simple, one-plot patch of white radish is now a lush, green community garden enjoyed and maintained by numerous community “farmers” who have fostered a friendship in and around a flourishing vegetable garden.  These farmers watch over each other’s crops, share seeds, and help each other with sowing, weeding, watering and harvesting.

Growing community and veggies at the same time … that’s good Earthkeeping.

Xiao Qing’s community garden