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Wanted: New Hampshire Earth Day Projects

New Hampshire area readers: Timberland is now accepting proposals for Earth Day service projects for our NH-based employees.  We love our local communities, we love the outdoors, and we’re looking for regreening projects that will allow us to bring those two passions together and make them both better.

In simpler terms, a “regreening project” is creating or improving outdoor spaces so more people can enjoy them.  In past years, we’ve worked on public greenways and trail systems, cleaned up community gardens, playgrounds and parks, and expanded outdoor learning spaces for camps and schools.

To learn more about the kinds of projects we’re looking for and to submit your own idea, click here to download the RFP for Timberland’s 2013 Earth Day projects.  The deadline for submissions is February 1.

NH Earthkeepers: We Want Your Earth Day Projects!

Although it’s hard to imagine while we’re in still in the clutches of winter, spring is only a few months away … and with spring comes Earth Day.  Every year, Timberland employees across the globe pull on their boots to make a positive impact on their local communities and the environment, and we’re gearing up to make Earth Day 2012 better than ever.

Here at Timberland’s headquarters in New Hampshire, we’re seeking Earth Day projects that will contribute to the regreening of our local communities — tree planting, creating community gardens, building and maintaining trail systems — anything that will help people explore and enjoy the outdoors we care so much about.

Interested?  Click here to download the RFP for Timberland’s 2012 Earth Day projects.  The deadline to submit RFPs is January 25th (so get moving!).

If you don’t live in New Hampshire and are interested in helping Timberland make a difference in your community this Earth Day, check in with your local Timberland store.

Tree Planting in India

Timberland India shared the following photo account of their first tree planting event held in Janakpuri, New Delhi last month.  Over the course of the day, they planted 118 assorted palm trees and provided much needed greening for a neighborhood park.

We look forward to sharing more photos and tree planting stories as Timberland India works toward their tree planting goal: 1,200 trees by December 2011.

On July 31, TBL India launched its Tree Planting Program under the guidance of Peepal Baba (pictured above) from Janakpuri in New Delhi. Born as Prem Parivartan, Peepal Baba got his popular nickname from the type of tree he plants. He is a tree evangelist who started planting trees at the age of 10.

The park at Janakpuri

5 foot tall palms which will add to the green cover of Janakpuri Park

Ground being prepared

Trees arrive in eco-friendly transport

Volunteers get instruction from Peepal Baba on techniques of digging

Never too late to plant your first tree!

First tree planted by TBL India

... and soon many followed

Presenting nature's heroes

... and TBL India's evangelist

City Year Service, London Style

Adele, a manager at Timberland’s International Design Center in London, shares the following story about a day of service with City Year London:

What an excellent day at the Peel Institute!

On Wednesday 9th February, City Year joined forces with volunteers from Timberland, Burberry and Wilton and Bain to transform the gardens of the Institute, a community centre which serves the diverse communities of Islington providing opportunities and facilities for education, recreation and the advancement of social, economic and mental wellbeing.

We were welcomed by young leaders, in their bright red, easily distinguished gear ( supplied by TBL), who have worked for City Year from September 2010 so far.  What an inspiration it is, to see young confident people leading and being fully engaged in community service!

City Year service days are a unique opportunity to transform a community site while working with other dedicated volunteers in an enjoyable atmosphere. The ARAMARK civic engagement team are young devoted and energetic corps members whose focus is on staging these events, organising and preparing all projects so volunteers can simply step in and make a difference.

City Year strives to make their service projects inspirational, transformational and sustainable. As such, they work closely with the local community to find what areas need physical change and how to use volunteer muscle to make that a reality.

As a result of recent government cuts, non-essential maintenance of the Peel Institute has had to be stopped, and as a result the gardens had become overgrown and uninviting to the community.  During our day of service, we worked on improving the garden and outdoor space, and prepared an area to be used as a playground in the future.  City Year hopes to continue working with Peel, engaging volunteers to utilise and maintain the general upkeep of the outside space.

Timberland volunteers all enjoyed the experience, and we look forward to working with City Year again!

Timberland COC Team Engages in Southeast India Service

Timberland’s Code of Conduct coordinator Ann Caron shared this report from the Code of Conduct Summit we recently held in India:

Timberland’s annual Code of Conduct (COC) Summit, held in India in January, expanded its scope this year to include licensee representatives from CWF and Sperian, sourcing representatives from Timberland’s International Design Center in London, and members of the management teams of Matrix Clothing, Farida Shoes, Eastman Apparel, Birdy Apparel, Pou Yuen, and Li & Fung.  This 40+ person group gathered in Bangalore, Ambur, and Chennai, to engage in 8 days of learning, collaborating, and networking to strengthen our knowledge base and passion for Timberland’s Code of Conduct and environmental values.

Of course, no Timberland gathering would be complete without at least a few hours of community service.  On day 4, the group traveled to Farida for a tour of two of their facilities.  We were welcomed with warmth and hospitality, and were able to see Timberland shoes being produced in front of us.  After our tour, we traveled to Farida’s medical facility, where they offer healthcare to their workforce and the community.  When we reached the clinic, we were greeted by a dry, barren landscape, and a pile of sod, several trees, and a small mountain of soil.

We quickly donned our personal protective equipment, grabbed our tools and got to work.  We spread the pile of soil into the back yard of the clinic – no fancy bobcats or tractors, we formed an assembly line and passed shallow bowls of soil from the front to the back.

Then we laid out sod — not in rolls, but in square foot pieces — over the newly spread soil, transforming the barren soil into a lush, green carpet.  We finished by planting trees in the front and back yards to someday provide shade for the patients seeking medical care.

During this time, we created quite a stir among the community.  Passersby stopped to watch us, and even pitch in.  Children watched and cheered us on, and even joined us for a few photo opportunities.  There were even a few cows in residence.

The participants were asked to reflect on their service experience.  Here are some of the things they shared:

“First of all, my quick thinking is why are we not using more effective tools to move that pile of mud away to the garden?  Then fantastic things happened when my body turned right and turned left quickly – I saw that rhythm of life, the love people who want to give and the happiness of working hard together.  While the mud land was being changed to be green, that motivated and excited me.  Yes, do the right thing and make things better.  This is my first service event this year, and my first in India.  Thanks for inviting me to join.”

“Community service does not have a face, color, nationality, religious or political belief attached to it.  I was someone from another country trying to create a better living environment for people that I did not know and that I will probably never meet or see.”

“I was inspired very much by the way you all were dedicated and involved until the completion and the way you all moved with me, really I am honored.  I have a feeling that we all belong to one family.  All I can give you back is only thanks, thanks, and thank you all so much.”

“I loved that there were local kids present and asking questions.  It was great to tell them what we were doing and have them interested in service in the future.  One wanted to join us.  I felt it was a great multi-member group – COC, factory, IDC, and locals, and that showed what can be done when there is one main goal.  We were fast!”

“Together, we made it better.”

The Farida team, who already serves its community on a regular basis, was thrilled with the quick transformation of the clinic’s grounds and was inspired by the team’s “Pull on your boots and make a difference” spirit.  The COC team was exhausted, but at the same time energized and inspired by the impact we created in such a short time.

Just another example of how a small group of committed citizens can make a difference.

Desperately Seeking NH Service Projects

Twice a year, Timberland organizes large-scale service events for our employees worldwide so they can pull on their boots and make a difference.  Earth Day is one of these two annual global celebrations of service.

As our corporate headquarters are in New Hampshire, we’ve got a pretty robust employee population there that is both talented and passionate about creating a positive impact in their own backyard.  The challenge is, after more than a decade of serving in our own backyard we’re running a little short on service opportunities!

And so – we’re seeking proposals for Earth Day service projects in New Hampshire.  We’re looking specifically for projects that can accommodate a minimum of 50 volunteers and contribute to the regreening of our communities (examples of regreening projects include creating and/or improving public greenways or trail systems, community gardens, playgrounds, green roofs, edible gardens for schools, etc.).

All of our Earth Day projects will be selected and executed according to Timberland’s GREEN standard.  GREEN is an acronym for:

Grassroots – Projects which address pressing community needs.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Projects that allow us to use recycled or repurposed materials.

Engagement – Projects that engage relevant community stakeholders, to support and sustain our service efforts.

Education – Projects that foster education and awareness, both among our employees and the community.

Neutrality – Projects that allow us to be as energy- and resource-efficient as possible, in support of our corporate goal to reduce our carbon emissions.

To submit your Earth Day project proposal, please complete our Earth Day RFP form and e-mail it to Brianne Wood by Friday, January 28, 2011.

Pictures of Purpose

A visual salute to the more than 4,800 employees and volunteers who worked inside, outside and upside down to create a positive impact in their communities during Timberland’s 13th annual Serv-a-palooza a few weeks ago.  A warm, sunny day and good company made the experience enjoyable … the collective power and passion made it unforgettable.

Timberland Puts Boots on the Ground for Serv-a-palooza

Tomorrow promises to be a quiet day at Timberland, as nearly 5,000 volunteers participate in our 13th annual global community service day — Serv-a-palooza.  Timberland employees and partners will spend the day creating positive, sustainable impacts at 160 project sites in 24 countries around the world.

Never better than when we’re together: Team Timberland will help to transform communities around the world
during the 13th annual global Serv-a-palooza

Community greening and revitalization is the focus for this year’s Serv-a-palooza events, which include:

  • Restoring a wildlife reserve in London, England that supports a number of important ecological habitats.
  • Transforming a foster care facility in Madrid, Spain by planting a vegetable garden and constructing a leisure area in the outdoors.
  • Winterizing a garden in Munich, Germany by planting bulbs, removing weeds and trimming overgrown bushes.

To learn more about our commitment to community service and the programs with which we support it, visit the community engagement page on  And stay tuned here on the Earthkeepers blog for post-palooza  photos, videos and reports from our events across the globe.