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White is the New Black

When we’re not busy getting rid of the bottled water, Earthkeepers at Timberland’s corporate headquarters are watching (and listening to) environmental impact being made on our 150,000 square foot roof.  We’re in the midst of some much-needed building renovations – most designed to help make our dated facility more energy- and cost-efficient.  And we’re working, literally, from the top down.

White roofs are all the rage these days, and with good reason: simply changing the color is easy and affordable (when you’re redoing or putting on a new roof anyway), and by reflecting the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it, white roofs help to keep a building cooler … reducing the need for air conditioning, reducing energy costs, reducing CO2 emissions.  

Over the past few weeks, our renovation crew has been vacuuming off the old ballasted roof material (rocks) and removing the black rubber roof to make way for our new Energy Star white reflective roof: 

By replacing our old black roof with this shiny new white one, we’ll be able to reduce our energy costs by an estimated 20 percent, and further reduce our carbon emissions.

An added bonus?  This white stays fashionable all year round.