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Another Day at Timberland

Warm and sunny memories to help get us through a rainy, blustery mid-November day in New Hampshire …

A hot July sun blazed down on the gang of Timberland employees making the sweltering 1.2 mile trek to a local middle school that graciously offered to host the company’s Q2 Rally. The scene, to onlookers, most likely resembled that of herd migrations seen on the Discovery Channel.

Muggy air sat heavy atop the wafting chatter as they happily racked up step counts on their pedometers. Undoubtedly for some, the walk helped them to pull ahead in the most current step challenge in which they’ll be awarded health miles and the ever so coveted bragging rights. As always in the Timberland world, the challenges are friendly, but there is no dismissing the fact that Timberlanders boast a competitive streak.

Conversation topics tangled around each other making them impossible to decipher but no doubt somewhere amongst the crowd there were discussions of upcoming service events, sharing of most recent kayaking or bike riding adventures, and exchanges of green living ideas. All of them being a central part of daily Timberland life.

Whether the choice to walk was made with a workout in mind, or as an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, the crowd collectively lived up to the nature of the Timberland brand and strapped on their boots … Errrr, sandals and flip flops, and communed with the outdoor world.