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Wanted: New Hampshire Earth Day Projects

New Hampshire area readers: Timberland is now accepting proposals for Earth Day service projects for our NH-based employees.  We love our local communities, we love the outdoors, and we’re looking for regreening projects that will allow us to bring those two passions together and make them both better.

In simpler terms, a “regreening project” is creating or improving outdoor spaces so more people can enjoy them.  In past years, we’ve worked on public greenways and trail systems, cleaned up community gardens, playgrounds and parks, and expanded outdoor learning spaces for camps and schools.

To learn more about the kinds of projects we’re looking for and to submit your own idea, click here to download the RFP for Timberland’s 2013 Earth Day projects.  The deadline for submissions is February 1.

NH Earthkeepers: We Want Your Earth Day Projects!

Although it’s hard to imagine while we’re in still in the clutches of winter, spring is only a few months away … and with spring comes Earth Day.  Every year, Timberland employees across the globe pull on their boots to make a positive impact on their local communities and the environment, and we’re gearing up to make Earth Day 2012 better than ever.

Here at Timberland’s headquarters in New Hampshire, we’re seeking Earth Day projects that will contribute to the regreening of our local communities — tree planting, creating community gardens, building and maintaining trail systems — anything that will help people explore and enjoy the outdoors we care so much about.

Interested?  Click here to download the RFP for Timberland’s 2012 Earth Day projects.  The deadline to submit RFPs is January 25th (so get moving!).

If you don’t live in New Hampshire and are interested in helping Timberland make a difference in your community this Earth Day, check in with your local Timberland store.

We Came, We Saw, We Got Good and Dirty

One of the reasons Timberland is a Great Place to Work is because of the opportunities we have to go out and do good things in our communities and for our environment … as a team, on company time.  Here’s a flavor of the positive impact (and fun) we had last week on Earth Day:

Happy 40th (B)Earthday!

We’re honoring the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this year with 140+ community service projects across the globe – planned and executed by 7,600 eager and enthusiastic Earthkeepers.  That’s one mother of a celebration!

Here are just a few of the ways in which we’re pulling on our boots to make a difference around the world:

  • In the Dominican Republic, nearly 600 Timberland employees and more than 800 community volunteers will join forces to plant 18,000 trees in the communities of Sajoma and Santiago (that’s more than 12 trees per person!).
  • Working with the local chapter of the National FFA Association, 100 volunteers in Newfields, NH (close to our corporate headquarters) will design and plant a sustainable landscape at the historic town library and construct raised garden beds to enhance a community garden.
  • As part of our ongoing (9 years and counting) commitment to reforestation in China, 200 volunteers will plant 600 trees in Beijing.  The Earth Day tree planting will serve as a warm-up for when we plant our one millionth tree in China’s Horqin Desert in August.

In 40 years’ time, Earth Day has gone from radical environmental protest to mainstream movement engaging millions … but at the same time, the threat of critical impact from global warming is greater now than ever.  While it’s good news that more and more people are actively engaging in Earth Day, even more important is active engagement on a constant basis.  Here’s how you can help:

Stay tuned for photos, videos and first-hand accounts from our Earth Day events worldwide!

Earthkeeping in Japan

Our Earthkeeping colleagues in Japan shared the following video montage of their good work this past Earth Day. From weeding and planting in one of Tokyo’s largest city parks (Yoyogi Koen) to a beach clean-up in Fukuoka, 173 volunteers (including Timberland employees, friends and family, community and business partners) spent a total of 873 hours making many of Japan’s streets, parks and public areas greener and cleaner.

Thank you, Team Timberland Japan!

Earthkeeping in Espulges

In Espulges del Llobregat, Spain (just outside of Barcelona), 37 Timberland employees, partners and community volunteers gathered on Earth Day to green the land surrounding Fundació Finestrelles, a care facility for mentally disabled adults. 

By day’s end, nearly 9,000 shrubs and other plants dotted the landscape, giving Fundació Finestrelles residents a greener view of the world. 

Timberland Earth Day volunteers have committed to taking care of the new plantings until they are well-established, ensuring this patch of land in Espulges is “Earthkept” into the future.

Earthkeeping in the Ukraine

3 cities in the eastern European country of Ukraine got a little greener last month as part of Timberland’s global Earth Day service.  Over three days, our partners, employees and consumers – more than 500 volunteers total — planted 50 trees in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, another 50 in Zaporizia, and 184 in the capital city of Kiev.

During the past year, all consumers who purchased an “environmentally-messaged” Timberland shopping bag at one of the Timberland Ukraine stores were invited to join us in the tree-planting project.  Those who showed up for the event with their Timberland shopping bag in hand received a sapling to be planted.  (Bright, sunny day and cheerful fellow Earthkeepers were supplied at no extra charge).

It’s been estimated that one tree can remove as much as 50 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere each year … which means thanks to the Ukraine Earthkeepers, the air will be more than 14,000 pounds of CO2 cleaner and lighter, per year.  Not bad for a day (or three) worth of good work.

Earthkeeping Day

Timberland’s Earthkeepers are out in full force across the globe today, cleaning up beaches and parks, planting trees, clearing brush and celebrating Earth Day the best way we know how — hands on.  Stay tuned for stories and images from our Earthkeeping Day … and in the meantime, enjoy these pics from the Green Apple Festival in Washington DC last weekend.  Our thanks to those of you who came out to join us!








Green Apple Festivalgoers Get a Lift

Those of you planning to attend the Green Apple Festival in Washington, DC over the next few days, rest easy: Timberland is offering free pedicab rides to anyone taking part in the Earth Day weekend activities on the National Mall.  It’s all in the name of greener travel (and supporting weary Earthkeepers at the end of a long service day).

If you’re not a pedicab person, at least ride your own bike to the event and bring it to our Bike Valet on the Mall — we’ll keep your ride safe and even give it a complimentary tune-up while you’re off Earthkeeping.

Not planning to spend your weekend in the DC area?  Other Green Apple Festival hubs include Boston, New York,  Miami, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Go forth and green!

Earthkeeper + Apple + Video Camera = Australia*

Those of you who haven’t yet entered our “Shoot an Apple, Save the Earth” video contest might find the inspiration you need in this recent entry**:

Not impressed?  Show us what you’ve got that’s better.  As a refresher, here’s how it works:

1.  Share your thoughts, concern or commentary on the state of the environment in the form of a 15-second video.  Don’t forget to include, in some fashion or form, a real green apple.

2. Video submission deadline is April 27th.  Best flick wins a week in Australia.

And don’t forget to check out the Green Apple Festival activities planned around Earth Day in 10 major cities across the US.  We’d love to see you there!

*IF your video is deemed the most creative, expressive, amazing and winner-worthy by our panel of judges.

**Videos need not include the destruction of green apples.  One apple was harmed in the making of this video.