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Light, Lean, Sexy, Stylish: Hookset Handcrafted

The ask: Create a footwear collection that has unique Timberland DNA and is appropriate for spring and fall casual wear when you’re kicking it beachside with friends or lounging in the park. The answer: The Hookset Handcrafted Collection.

Ok, next question: What do you do when you learn that this collection is distinctively hand made, minimalist-inspired, stylish, fun and great for the environment? You can’t help but make a sexy stop-motion video to show the Hookset Handcrafted in all its glory.

Four materials expertly combined: 100% organic cotton canvas, genuine leather, 100% natural latex and aluminum. That’s it, that’s all. The Hookset Handcrafted Collection features minimal amounts of these materials, combined with a lean environmental impact in an extremely stylish package.

We asked filmer / photographer Spencer Higgins to bring his talents from the fashion and automobile world to Timberland. And the result? Oozing with cool, the Hookset Handcrafted. Four materials, expertly combined with our lowest Green Index score measured to date.*

Take a peek and see what we’re made of. Then learn more:

*Green Index score of 3.5 measured as of May 2012.

7 Cups of Caffeine in Every Coat

You can leave the travel mug at home if you’re wearing our Formentor Race Jacket. It’s made with S.Café yarn, which contains PET from recycled plastic bottles and – wait for it – recycled coffee grounds.

Why coffee grounds?  Turns out they’re excellent at absorbing odor, which is pretty important if you’re working up a sweat … or shipwrecked on a deserted island without a bar of soap (it could happen).

Here’s Dean, our senior director of apparel, to tell us more:

S.Cafe is just one more way we’re thinking about the planet as we design our products.  To learn more about the eco-conscious materials and technologies we use, check out the Timberland Technology Guide.  To get your own Formentor Race Jacket (or one of our other non-caffeinated styles),  shop our outerwear collection.

May Means Mountainfilm

Colorado may be home to some of the best skiing in the states, but when the temperature warms and the snow melts, we love it for a whole different reason: Mountainfilm in Telluride.

To call Mountainfilm a film festival would be an understatement: it’s as much about the people that attend and the experiences they share as it is about the films that are shown.  Each year, activists, explorers and artists of all kinds congregate at Mountainfilm to examine environmental, cultural and social issues in a uniquely creative way — and to be moved and motivated to take their own action.

As a brand that appreciates creativity and is passionate about protecting the great outdoors, we’re excited to be the Official Footwear Sponsor of Mountainfilm in Telluride.  As part of our sponsorship, we’re going to be outfitting filmmakers and other Mountainfilm VIPs in our Earthkeepers footwear (made with recycled and environmentally-conscious materials), and encouraging festival-goers to be more eco-conscious in their own lives.  If you’re going to Mountainfilm, stop by the Timberland kiosk and make a pledge to reduce your environmental impact — we’ll plant a tree in your honor!

If you’re not traveling to Telluride, stay connected to all the best of what’s happening at Mountainfilm by visiting our Festivals page - we’ll be sharing stories, photos and videos from our experience there.

We Say Deering, You’ll Say Darling

Because they are really just the cutest boat shoes going, don’t you think?

And if cute isn’t enough, our Deering Boat Ballerinas are part of our Earthkeepers collection — Timberland’s most eco-minded product assortment.  Here’s our women’s footwear designer Erin to tell us more about how eco-consciousness plays a role in the design and development of Timberland products:

From 100% recycled PET laces and linings to recycled rubber outsoles to leather sourced from tanneries rated Silver for their energy, waste and water practices, the Deering was made with the environment — and your summertime outdoor adventures — in mind.

And in a bouquet of bright colors, the Deering Boat Ballerina was made with the rest of your wardrobe in mind, too; shop for your favorite flavor now. To learn more about our use of  eco-conscious materials, check out the Timberland Technology Guide.

Values + Style: Po-Zu for Timberland

Eco-conscious footwear just took a step forward.

For 2011, Timberland in Europe has collaborated with ecological footwear brand Po-Zu to create a collection of shoes that are light on your feet and light on the environment.  Featuring natural materials (such as hemp, coconut fibers and natural latex) and vegetable-tanned leathers, the collection is also designed for disassembly — simply return the shoes to a Timberland store at the end of their useful life, and we’ll recycle and reuse as many parts and components as we can.  (Bonus – the coconut fiber shoebox they come in is compostable and can be used as seed trays!)

The partnership between Timberland and Po-Zu grew out of a shared vision of promoting the best practices in environmental design.  Po-Zu founder and designer Sven Segal conceived and launched the brand with the goal of setting new standards in ecological and ethical footwear manufacturing.

To collaborate felt instinctively comfortable as I was familiar with Timberland’s ethical stance and  eco-consciousness.  We have launched a product that is both sustainable and manufactured to very high standards. I am delighted with the results.

- Sven Segal, Po-Zu founder and designer

The Po-Zu collection of footwear is currently available in select markets only (sorry, U.S. shoe shoppers). You can shop the collection online here.  To learn more about the good work Po-Zu is doing to make the world of footwear more ecological and ethical one pair at a time, please visit their website.

Green Stuff We Love: Low-Impact Leather

Of all the things that make up the environmental footprint of a footwear company, the biggest contributor is not transport of product or the manufacturing process, but the materials we use.  And, when your iconic product is a durable, built-to-last leather boot you’re hard pressed to make substitutions.  Until now.

Imagine our delight in learning that one of our tannery partners, ISA Tan Tec, has been awarded the title of “High Tech Enterprise” (recognition previously only attained by technology producers).  Tan Tec uses a concept called Low Impact to the Environment (or LITE) to save considerable amounts of energy, water and chemicals at its tannery in Guangzhou province in China.  And, not only are they cutting their resource consumption, this high tech designation comes with at 40% tax break (ka-ching!).

LITE is based on a product’s CO2 footprint, which involves documenting the carbon dioxide emissions for each square meter of leather produced. LITE standards are based on calculations by the BLC Leather Technology Centre on behalf of the Leather Working Group (LWG) for average energy and water consumption in the industry.  LITE products are made with roughly 35% less energy and 50% less water.

Keep your eye on Tan Tec — they appear to get how “green” makes business sense … and that seems to be the key to success.