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Single Earthkeeper Seeks Same …

Green has become a factor in so many aspects of our everyday life: organic food, energy-efficient cars, shoes made with recycled materials.  But how important is green when it comes to choosing a mate?  According to a new study (conducted by Timberland), it might matter more than  you think.  Among our survey findings:

No one loves a litter bug (well – almost no one).  54% of men would think twice before starting a relationship with someone who litters. Others would wonder if a woman was worth dating if she doesn’t recycle (25%), leaves the lights on when not at home (23%) or drives a gas-guzzler (20%).

Green girls are keepers. One in four men think “green” women make better life partners (24%) or friends (27%) than those who aren’t as environmentally responsible.

Date night ain’t for couch potatoes. Grab your hiking boots and a shovel — 41% of men would be more interested in an “adventure” date like hiking or rock climbing or a service-focused date like tree planting than a more traditional “dinner and a movie” date.

Click here for additional survey results and then tell us — how important is green when it comes to your own dating and mating?  Is littering a deal-breaker, recycling a must-have?  Share your thoughts here.