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Environment Meets Industry at Manhattan Outdoor Clothing

Nina Lin from our Code of Conduct team shared this story from Manhattan Outdoor Clothing Factory, a factory partner in China we have sourced from for the past several years.  We’re inspired by their commitment to social and environmental values, and protecting the planet.

In honor of World Environment Day (June 5th), employees at the Manhattan Outdoor Clothing Factory enjoyed an environmental awareness program designed to inform and engage them in environmental protection activities.  The factory teamed up with the local environmental bureau of Hongmei Town to host the event, which was held at the factory site.

Manhattan employees enjoying the environmental education event

On the day of the event, environmental education materials were made available to workers, and the staff of the local environmental bureau was on hand to answer questions about environmental laws and policies.  Employees posed many good questions, including those about how to make the factory’s air conditioning system more environmentally-friendly and specifics around what materials to recycle and which to throw away.  The highlight of the event was an environmental “quiz” in which employees could win prizes for correct answers; participants were enthusiastic and eager to be the first one to answer!

The program not only enhanced workers’ environmental awareness, but also gave them fresh ideas for putting environmental protection into action in their daily lives and at work.  Employees enjoyed the event, and look forward to more of these kinds of activities to be organized in the future, to continue to enrich their knowledge and support of environmental protection.