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Environmental Leader Features Timberland Commentary on Sustainable Consumption

A new column featuring Timberland’s CSR Strategy & Reporting Manager, Beth Holzman, was posted on Environmental Leader this month.  Read the commentary on sustainable consumption - a hot button topic in today’s financial climate.  Or should it have been a philosophy we subscribe to regardless of economic shifts?  Corporations have key responsibilities to help create sustainable consumption patterns within our society.

See the story at Environmental Leader now:

Virginia Kills Plastic Bag Ban

Earthkeepers, sound off: what do you believe to be the best solution to the plastic bag problem?

a) instituting a ban
b) taxing people to use them
c) passing a recycling law

From yesterday’s Environmental Leader:

A ban on disposable plastic bags in Virginia has been pulled at the request of plastics industry representatives, reports

The proposed bag ban came after Virginia legislators saw the success of such programs in Ireland and other countries. Support for a ban also originated with Virginia’s cotton farmers who find the bags blowing into their fields and clogging bales of cotton.

But the Virginia Plastic Bag Coalition, which includes industry representatives who have lobbied nationally against plastic bag bans, said they favored a recycling program instead. A similar measure requiring stores to charge customers 5 cents a bag was also withdrawn.

Over 100 plastic-bag bans or taxes were brought up by cities and states in 2008, but many failed. Like Virginia, New York state last year passed a plastic-bag recycling law instead of an outright ban.