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Good Green Reading: Conversations with Green Gurus

Conversations with Green Gurus: The Collective Wisdom of Environmental Movers and Shakers brings together in one place the collected wisdom of some of the most influential environmental leaders of our time. Interviews in this book will help readers figure out what is presently going on in terms of the environment and what they should be doing about what one of the Gurus calls ‘a planetary emergency.’

The Conversations cover a broad range of environmental issues as they apply to society and business, as well as provide cutting edge thinking as a basis for shaping the future for individuals and companies in markets round the world.

With a foreword by Jim Haywood, environment director of the UK’s Business in the Community, the book boasts an impressive roster of ‘thinkers’ – those who have set the agenda – and ‘doers’ – those business people, particularly running large companies, who have made this their mission long before it ever became fashionable.

“What shines through all these conversations is the humanity of every one of this disparate group of people.  Looking at what set them on the paths they chose throws up some interesting and at times moving answers.  Each, in his or her own way, is trying to make this world a better place to live.”

- From Conversations with Green Gurus, by Laura Mazur and Louella Miles

The Conversations range widely and contain a rich variety of perspectives along with the Gurus’ thoughts on where countries, religion, individuals and particular companies have taken the right – or wrong – way in their search for environmental sustainability. It questions the economic viability of present and possible future solutions and, indeed, what are the likely societal costs and benefits.

Conversations with Green Gurus is available on and now.