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Victory Tastes Better When Shared

“We were a busy working family, and I would find it difficult to feed my family in a healthy way, quickly.  So I decided to change our diet … with simple things.  I started adding more fruits and vegetables, trying to sit down and prepare a meal as a family a couple times a week and eating out a little bit less.  Trying to eliminate processed and sugary foods as much as possible.  And I saw some really immediate results with just those minor changes.”

Could be the sentiments of just about any Earthkeeping mother among us, right?  Struggling to balance quick-and-easy with good-for-you food choices.  In fact, it’s First Lady Michelle Obama, discussing the genesis of her victory garden – the topic of a newly-released White House video:

The First Lady’s remarks are probably familiar to every mom among us — the desire to eat healthier and teach our children first hand about good eating habits.  Unfortunately, fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t a readily-available option for some — including those families who rely on local food banks and community meal programs.

All the more reason for us to build on the new/old victory garden “trend” where we can — in backyards and corporate office parks and yes, even on the White House lawn — to provide not only for our own families, but to help feed others who share our desire and need for healthier food.