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Timberland Women Play Favorites

We all know it isn’t nice to play favorites — but nice or not, the truth is that most of us do have a pair (or two) of shoes or boots that get more than their fair share of love and attention.

Even here at Timberland — where we’re surrounded by footwear made to look good, feel good and perform well — we’ve got our own personal can’t-resist picks:

Marketing associate Gillian has a soft spot for the Earthkeepers Deering Boat Ballerina because, ” It’s a trendy looking cross between a boat shoe and a ballerina, with a touch of casual ruggedness—perfect for any outfit, any day of the week.”

Earthkeepers Deering Boat Ballerina

Our senior retail marketing manager Rachel has found a perfect travel companion in the Timberland Boot Company Marge Wood Heel Sandal“For someone like me that travels a lot, this is the pair I’m going to pack first this season. Handcrafted details, great heel height and a back strap so I can run to catch my next flight—it’s perfect!”

Boot Co. Marge Wood Heel Sandal

The members of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation aren’t the only ones who covet our Formentor boat shoe.  Women’s product manager Andrea says, “When I race sailboats, I’m often on the foredeck—by far the most unstable and slippery part of the boat. That’s why I absolutely need to make sure my shoes are really made for performance sailing with the best traction imaginable.”

Formentor Fabric and Leather Oxford

And senior designer Penelope loves the versatility of the Earthkeepers Nevali Peep Toe: “Because it’s a peep toe, it works in warm and cooler temperatures —so it has a longer season in my wardrobe. It works with skirts, dresses and jeans.”

Earthkeepers Nevali Peep Toe

You can see which styles are topping the list for other Timberland women by checking out our staff picks section.  To find a new favorite pair for yourself, shop our entire selection of women’s footwear now.

Behind the Scenes: Spanish Sailing Photo Shoot

Our Senior Director of Global Brand Marketing, Camelle, got a plum assignment recently: she traveled to Santander, Spain for a photo shoot of the Timberland-sponsored Spanish Olympic Sailing Team.  Spain, sailors, summer … what’s not to love?  Plenty, according to Camelle’s trip report:


If you really want to see the lengths we go to to test our gear and capture images of our products in action, the following video is for you.  Fair warning that you might want to pop a Dramamine before viewing.

It was a chilly 60 degrees Fahrenheit the day of the photo shoot, and we were several miles out to sea, as evidenced by the large tanker ship passing nearby.  The swells that day were huge – strong enough to turn many of the weaker stomachs onboard, and to cause the mast on the sailing team’s boat to break in the midst of our shoot.

Whoever said marketing is a glamorous job?

Through it all, the four women sailors we were photographing were calm and controlled and showed their absolute expertise on the boat and in the water.  There’s no doubt these women belong on an Olympic team.

I never thought I’d be quite so personally grateful for the Gripstick Technology in our Formentor boat shoes … or to return to dry land at the end of the day.

Check back to the blog for more behind-the-scenes stories and videos from Timberland’s photo shoot, including one-on-one interviews with members of the Spanish Olympic Sailing Team.

10-Sec Tech: Don’t Slip On the Wet Stuff

For Timberland consumers who appreciate how our products look, feel and perform but have no interest whatsoever in understanding the innovative technology inside them, we proudly introduce 10-sec tech – Timberland’s lighthearted attempt at making you aware of the quality attributes of our products without actually explaining them at all.

Without further ado, we give you Gripstick Technology*:

What? You don’t think geckos and tiny plungers are innovative technology? Clearly you haven’t tried our Formentor boat shoes – those suckers are sticky.

Inquiring minds who do want to better understand the “grip” inside our Gripstick Technology are invited to click here for serious and legitimate information that explains the materials and technology that help our boat shoes perform so well.

The rest of you can stay tuned to the Bootmakers Blog for future installments of Timberland’s 10-sec tech … because life is too short to take yourself (or your shoes) too seriously.

*No geckos were harmed in the making of this video.

‘Missing the Boat’ Was Never This Much Fun

Timberland’s latest TV commercial is a salute to diehards everywhere – and we don’t mean “diehard” in an angry, elite or intense way, but in a fresh air, sun on your face, fun-seeking way.   Take the hero in our new Timberland TV commercial, for example: what kind of sailor oversleeps and misses the boat on the day of the regatta?  I’m guessing one that has some seriously fun stories to tell from the night before:

Fortunately for our sailor and his crew, our new Formentor boat shoe is made with Gripstick™ technology, which is engineered for traction on wet and dry surfaces, as well as water-shedding quad-cut siping and anti-microbial footbeds and linings for odor control (because there’s nothing funny about stinky feet, ever).

The Formentor kept our hero jumping all the way to his own boat without a single slip along the way, and nary a hair out of place (although I don’t think we can take credit for the hair).

Learn more about the design and technology behind the Formentor, and check out our entire spring line of boat shoes before you embark on your own version of diehard fun.