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If Frogger Wore Boat Shoes, He’d Play This Game

Stay on the boat! That’s the idea behind the Timberland game of the same name, in which you have to navigate one seriously crowded waterway and make it to your team’s boat before time runs out. To play, you’ll need:

  1. Nerves of steel
  2. Lightning-fast reflexes
  3. A pair of virtual Timberland Formentor boat shoes

Then, you’re ready to try your luck at leaping and lunging across kayaks, rafts and sailboats without falling into the shark-infested water.  Along the way, we’ll even give you the chance to collect eco-tips you can use to reduce your own environmental footprint.

All aboard – you’ll find the Stay on the Boat challenge and other fun stuff on the Games page of our website.  And if you really want to get in the game, check out the shoes, jackets and bags in our Formentor Collection.

There’s Nothing Pretty About Falling in the Drink

That’s why our designers take great care to make sure our boat shoes work as good as they look. For example, Timberland’s Formentor boat shoes are made with Timberland Gripstick rubber (for superior traction on wet surfaces) and use  ion-mask technology by P2i to ensure that these shoes shed water more easily.

Here’s Alyssa, the lead designer for our Outdoor Adventure products for women, to explain more about how the Formentor meets the wants and needs of women seeking a stylish shoe that’s fit to perform on land and sea:

Love the look? Buy your own. The Formentor (as well as a boatload of other sail-worthy shoes) is available on our website.