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Beauty in a Boot

Claudia Lunati is a regional brand manager for Timberland in southern Europe.  She shared this story – and incredibly beautiful images of our Timberland products:

Giovanni Gastel is a well-known international photographer; his uniqueness is his way and ability of interpreting still lives and making them become THE story of the shoot. His shots “talk” and “step out” of the magazine, thanks to a smart proportion between reality and post production.

Max, a men’s magazine, recently organized a special insert entitled, “Timeless,” designed to showcase significant brands and products considered to be “immortal.”  Timberland had the honor of being included.

For the special insert, we had an opportunity to brief Giovanni on the uniqueness of our iconic products (our yellow boot and handsewn boat shoe) and ask him to play around with new and innovative products we feel are destined to become legends (our Earthkeepers Mount Holly and Moc Toe boots).

The 4 resulting photos (seen here) were published in a premium part of the magazine and became part of an exhibition that was held in the centre of Milan.  The 4 incredible shots are now hanging in a meeting room in our Timberland offices — the effect while entering the room is definitely breathtaking!