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Earthkeeping Day

Timberland’s Earthkeepers are out in full force across the globe today, cleaning up beaches and parks, planting trees, clearing brush and celebrating Earth Day the best way we know how — hands on.  Stay tuned for stories and images from our Earthkeeping Day … and in the meantime, enjoy these pics from the Green Apple Festival in Washington DC last weekend.  Our thanks to those of you who came out to join us!








Green Apple Festivalgoers Get a Lift

Those of you planning to attend the Green Apple Festival in Washington, DC over the next few days, rest easy: Timberland is offering free pedicab rides to anyone taking part in the Earth Day weekend activities on the National Mall.  It’s all in the name of greener travel (and supporting weary Earthkeepers at the end of a long service day).

If you’re not a pedicab person, at least ride your own bike to the event and bring it to our Bike Valet on the Mall — we’ll keep your ride safe and even give it a complimentary tune-up while you’re off Earthkeeping.

Not planning to spend your weekend in the DC area?  Other Green Apple Festival hubs include Boston, New York,  Miami, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Go forth and green!

Earthkeeper + Apple + Video Camera = Australia*

Those of you who haven’t yet entered our “Shoot an Apple, Save the Earth” video contest might find the inspiration you need in this recent entry**:

Not impressed?  Show us what you’ve got that’s better.  As a refresher, here’s how it works:

1.  Share your thoughts, concern or commentary on the state of the environment in the form of a 15-second video.  Don’t forget to include, in some fashion or form, a real green apple.

2. Video submission deadline is April 27th.  Best flick wins a week in Australia.

And don’t forget to check out the Green Apple Festival activities planned around Earth Day in 10 major cities across the US.  We’d love to see you there!

*IF your video is deemed the most creative, expressive, amazing and winner-worthy by our panel of judges.

**Videos need not include the destruction of green apples.  One apple was harmed in the making of this video.

Shoot An Apple, Save the Earth

This month, Timberland is a proud sponsor of the Green Apple Music Festival, America’s largest Earth Day celebration, with a breadth of community service and free concerts taking place concurrently in 10 U.S. cities.

As part of our Festival participation, we’re unveiling the “Shoot an Apple, Save the Earth” consumer-generated video contest through which everyday people (that’s you!) can share innovative ideas about environmental sustainability.

The catch:  Videos must feature, in some form, a real green apple.
The prize:  A 7-day all expense paid trip to Australia … and some Timberland gear to help the winner enjoy their adventure.

All video entries must be received by Noon ET on Monday, April 27th; winners will be announced here on the Earthkeepers blog in late May.  Visit our contest site for complete details and video upload instructions.