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Introducing Green Net

Day Two of Cheryl Kow’s Horqin Chronicles, detailing her recent tree-planting experience in the Horqin Desert in Inner Mongolia:

After a breakfast buffet of Chinese staples (fried and steamed pancakes, rice and millet congee, eggs and pickled vegetables), we set off for Agura Desert, where the bulk of the “Timberland Forest” stands. 

The road to Agura is lined with tall poplars designed to “catch” strong winds from blowing into the desert.  Beyond that, we see wide open sand spaces. There is some beauty in its desolateness.  

Tree planting volunteers in the “Timberland Forest” in the Horqin Desert.

Upon our arrival we are welcomed by Mr. Otaki and Mr. Kitaura, two guides from Green Net.  Established in January 2000, Green Net is a Japanese non-profit organization that has undertaken the uphill task of reforestation and education in an effort to reverse the desertification process.  Timberland has partnered with Green Net for the last 8 years.

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