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Guangzhou Huiling Charity Walkathon

Guangzhou Huiling is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 by a group of Chinese people for the care of mentally disabled people.

ISA is one of Timberland’s tannery suppliers, and also one of the long term sponsors for Guangzhou Huiling. Vincent He, Timberland’s Code of Conduct senior specialist was invited by ISA to join the event of the 8th Huiling Charity Walkathon on May 22, and shared his experience with us:

When I woke up the morning of the Huiling Charity Walkathon, it was pouring rain.  I wondered whether the event would be cancelled, but people arrived on time and gathered quietly, optimistic that the collective passion for this charity event would cause the rain to stop!  The students of Huiling were not bothered by the heavy rain and were happily surrounded by their teachers, volunteers and people who cared about them.

About an hour after the event was scheduled to begin, the sunshine did in fact break through the clouds and light up the ground. People moved to the stage. Students sang songs and danced along with volunteers, full of happiness and joy:

There were about ten booths with fun games, souvenirs, paintings and accessories for sale made by Huiling students. At one booth, students proudly informed attendees that they grew the beautiful flowers and plants themselves on the farm at Huiling:

After the performance, volunteers, families and students participated in a fundraising walk / run:

More than 20 companies and organizations sponsored the event, and about 400 people joined the event. It raised RMB154,953 (USD23,912).

Green Stuff We Love: Low-Impact Leather

Of all the things that make up the environmental footprint of a footwear company, the biggest contributor is not transport of product or the manufacturing process, but the materials we use.  And, when your iconic product is a durable, built-to-last leather boot you’re hard pressed to make substitutions.  Until now.

Imagine our delight in learning that one of our tannery partners, ISA Tan Tec, has been awarded the title of “High Tech Enterprise” (recognition previously only attained by technology producers).  Tan Tec uses a concept called Low Impact to the Environment (or LITE) to save considerable amounts of energy, water and chemicals at its tannery in Guangzhou province in China.  And, not only are they cutting their resource consumption, this high tech designation comes with at 40% tax break (ka-ching!).

LITE is based on a product’s CO2 footprint, which involves documenting the carbon dioxide emissions for each square meter of leather produced. LITE standards are based on calculations by the BLC Leather Technology Centre on behalf of the Leather Working Group (LWG) for average energy and water consumption in the industry.  LITE products are made with roughly 35% less energy and 50% less water.

Keep your eye on Tan Tec — they appear to get how “green” makes business sense … and that seems to be the key to success.