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Offering Help and Hope for Joplin

Ten days ago, a tornado devastated Joplin, MO, a city of 50,000 people. The storm destroyed 30% of the city, including an estimated 5,000 homes and businesses, and killed more than 100 people. 10 people are still missing. Today marks the beginning of the lengthy (and costly) process of removing the debris so that Joplin can eventually rebuild.

From the wake of this storm emerge many inspirational stories. One comes from Cintas, a uniform rental and supply company that Timberland does business with, located 45 minutes from Joplin. Within days of the storm, Cintas partnered with the American Red Cross and a network of local organizations to gather and transport urgently needed relief items (including first aid supplies, safety apparel, work boots, gloves, tarps, hand sanitizer, snack foods, and water) to Joplin. The Cintas Cares Convoy has committed to make deliveries to Joplin every other day until the demand for such items declines.

Following the Joplin tornado, Cintas issued a call to its various vendors (Timberland included) to ask for donated items needed for the recovery effort. As a result, a shipment of Timberland PRO boots is currently on its way to Cintas and will be delivered to the recovery workers in Joplin by the end of this week.

Cintas isn’t alone in its support of tornado victims; Convoy of Hope, an organization based in Springfield, MO is spearheading much of the recovery work and has already delivered over 500,000 pounds of food, water and supplies to survivors. Click here to learn more about Convoy of Hope and how you can support their work in Joplin.

We’re grateful to Cintas for giving us an opportunity to be part of the recovery and rebuilding efforts in Joplin, and to organizations like Convoy of Hope for the important work they do to provide much needed aid and support.