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Preserving Past and Future

Last month, 25 Earthkeepers from Timberland spent the day preserving landscape and history at the Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord, MA.

The park pays tribute to the opening battle of the American Revolution, and park grounds are preserved in 18th century tradition.  Some of the park’s fields are still actively farmed through the park’s leasing program, but many areas have become overgrown with brush and invasive plants.  In support of the park’s efforts to restore much of its agrarian landscape and evoke colonial times, when most of the land was used for grazing livestock, Timberland volunteers installed fencing and built an animal shelter for cattle and pigs – favorite “attractions” for park visitors.

Our thanks to the folks at the Minute Man Historical Park for their efforts to preserving events from the past, and land for the future.  To learn more about the park, please visit their website.