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Rocking Beijing

As a salute to the growing number of real-life Earthkeeper heroes among us and to promote environmental awareness, Timberland hosted a carbon-neutral concert in Beijing last week featuring Wang Leehom — a musician, actor and environmental activist.

How do you make a concert carbon neutral?  By encouraging concert-goers to carpool or take public transit, for starters.  The event also utilized plenty of recycled and recyclable materials (from biodegradable wristbands to “cocktail tables” made out of stacks of car tires), energy-efficient lighting and locally-sourced and organic refreshments.  Timberland also purchased offsets from the China Beijing Environmental Exchange.

You can read more about the concert in this Wall St. Journal story.  And who knows?  Maybe the “Fellowship of Earthkeepers” concert tour will be rolling through your city in the future …