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Kicking Off the Holidays with the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation

Timberland volunteers with Mark and Jim Wahlberg

A group of Timberland volunteers gave up a Sunday morning during this busy holiday season to share some joy with kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Boston.  Each year, the directors of the various clubs identify the kids with the highest needs, and they receive an invitation to attend a very special holiday party hosted by the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation (MWYF).  Timberland has been a part of this event for the past three years, providing our iconic yellow boots to the children that attend.

Timberland boots are just one of many gifts given at the party.  This year, the kids let out a raucous scream of excitement when they learned that they would all be going home with a brand new Play Station Vita.

As Jimmy Wahlberg, director of the MWYF told the Timberland volunteers, the party is held in the spirit of the Wahlberg family’s Christmas and the notion of ‘paying it forward.’  While theirs was a family of limited means, Jimmy says that his parents always made sure that their nine kids had presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

A special treat for the kids and volunteers alike this year was that Mark Wahlberg himself attended the party.  While carrying one of his own children, he reminded the young group of party-goers, “when all you guys grow up and become successful, make sure you give back to the kids that need it, ok?  Don’t forget about the kids in the community.”

The video below showcases some of the highlights from the day.  Our thanks to Anchor Line Web & Screen Works for capturing the experience in video and photos, and to the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this memorable holiday tradition.

The Season of Giving

Ann Caron is Timberland’s Code of Conduct Coordinator … and yesterday, she was one of a team of Timberland volunteers that helped to make the holidays a little brighter (and drier) for 250 children in our local community:

Yesterday I had the privilege to volunteer at a Timberland “shoe fit” for the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation.  I, along with fifteen other Timberland employees and family members, fitted 250 kids from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston with yellow boots as part of the Youth Foundation’s annual Christmas party for families in need.

Some of the things we witnessed were truly humbling.  I measured one boy’s foot to be a size 5, but he was currently wearing a size 3.  One boy told the person fitting him that he wanted his boots to be bigger so he could pass them along to one of his 6 siblings.  One boy refused to be fitted because he was embarrassed that he wasn’t wearing socks.

Ann Caron (front left) and Timberland volunteers spreading holiday cheer at the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation Christmas party

The fact that Timberland was part of this wonderful event makes me so proud and grateful to be part of this company …and appreciative to have experienced what is truly important during this holiday season.