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Robert on the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Robert, the star of Timberland’s Nature Needs Heroes TV commercial, invited us behind the scenes as he performed one of his breath-taking stunts. Or not:

Ah, well.  Even seasoned performance artists miss their mark sometimes.

You can see more unedited footage of Robert’s on-set shenanigans on our Facebook page:  like us to unlock the entire Robert video vault! And while you’re there, don’t forget to vote for your favorite Earthkeeper footwear.  At last check, the Men’s Rugged 6-Inch Waterproof Plain Toe Boot was getting the most love, with the Women’s Rudston Waterproof Pull-On Boot in a distant second place.  Agree?  Don’t?  Cast your vote!

TV Star-Turned-Facebook Celeb: Timberland’s Robert

If you don’t know Robert, you don’t know what you’re missing.  He’s a plastic bottle, “action artist” extraordinaire and the real star (he would tell you) of our Nature Needs Heroes TV commercial:

We were fortunate enough to be able to catch up with Robert on the set and get his uncensored thoughts about being a superstar stuntman … including what it’s like to work with incompetent co-stars:

If you like Robert, you should like us on Facebook (Timberland US is here, Timberland Europe is here).  Once you do, you’ll unlock the full series of Robert’s “Lost Bottle” videos. While you’re there, don’t forget to vote for your favorite pair of Earthkeeper footwear – we’ll report back on the Facebook Favorite later this month.

Living the Corporate Dream: My Trip to Governors Island

Last week I was able to experience what every young professional dreams of… my first business trip! After being asked to go, there were so many things to consider. What would I bring? How would I get there? And most importantly, what would I wear?

Since I was traveling down with Timberland’s Values Marketing lead, I assumed that we would take a train to the Nature Needs Heroes event on Governors Island in New York to minimize our carbon footprint. To my surprise, due to the time constraints of making the entire trip in one day, we needed to travel by air.

The morning of, I got up at 3 AM, put a head-to-toe Timberland outfit together (rocking my EarthkeepersTM Bethel Buckle boots) and got to Logan a solid hour and forty minutes before my flight. Aggressive? Maybe. But my first trip jitters were getting the best of me, and it was not without a few hiccups. Between a last minute flight cancellation, getting dropped off at the wrong address and missing the first few ferries to the island, I was starting to feel like my first business trip was experiencing a little turbulence…

View of Lady Liberty from Governors Island

When I finally made it to the Governors Island event, I was taken back by how our North America Marketing team didn’t miss a detail:   Between the mason jar beverage glasses, recycled shipping container displays, locally sourced food and plant-your-own-tree station, they had thought of everything. And the journalists at the event seemed to have the same reaction I did. One writer complimented, “this is so Timberland!”

Even Heroes get thirsty on a sunny September day…

Encouraging guests to do their own earthkeeping by planting a tree

The outdoor event was so serene with a clear view of the Statue of Liberty directly across from us. Guests were laying in hammocks, playing outdoor games, checking out our Fall 10 and Spring 11 EarthkeepersTM products and taking bike tours around the island with smiles on their faces. I especially liked seeing our tree planting videos playing in one of the shipping containers, partially because I helped gather those assets for the event, but mostly because it was great to see our global tree planting commitment story being told alongside our products.

Earthkeepers products catching air

After the event ended, we headed to the Timberland Soho store where I had the opportunity to meet other members of the Timberland team, who did a great job helping me pick out my new Quilted Light Down-Filled Jacket. I couldn’t go to Soho and not go shopping!

When the day was over and I was walking back to my car at the airport with ready-to-expense receipts for my travel expenses in-hand, I concluded that my first business trip was a success. I can only hope that my work at Timberland will bring me to even more new and exciting places. And just in case my manager reads this… I’ve always wanted to go out west :)

Amanda Dunne
Timberland Global Marketing Associate

Nature Needs Heroes

Timberland is proud to announce its biggest and most environmentally-focused marketing campaign yet – Nature Needs Heroes.

Launching globally over the next several weeks, the campaign showcases our Earthkeepers™ product collection and uses outdoor imagery and humor to help convey the serious message of environmental accountability – the notion that even small acts of environmental action make a difference.

If you haven’t already seen our Nature Needs Heroes TV commercial, have a look and let us know what you think.  (Did it make you laugh?  Cry?  Want to get up off the couch and go be a hero yourself?)

You can also experience Nature Needs Heroes through our brand new, high-tech interactive microsite where you can check out our Earthkeepers product in 360-degree detail, go behind-the-scenes of the commercial shoot and learn more about some of the recycled and renewable materials we use.

And later this month we’ll be launching our new Facebook “Virtual Forest” application, where users will be able to create their own forest (or join a friend’s) online, which will result in Timberland planting live trees in Haiti to supplement our reforestation efforts there.  Stay tuned!