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The Ultimate Roadtrip

We receive a lot of emails and letters from our customers, either thanking us or berating us for the quality and performance of our products.  Several weeks back, we received this one:

Hi there,

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the good quality of the shoes you are selling. I am almost finished with my 15-month around the world trip, have been camping almost every day, from the mountain tops in Peru to the Ethiopian desert, through Africa, the Americas, Asia and the middle east, and the shoes are still holding up great.


“Around the world” was a little different … as was the web address included at the bottom of the email – so we checked it out and discovered Nicholas Rapp, a former Associated Press art director who just traveled around the world in a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser (and, apparently, Timberland shoes).

His website is worth a read, as is this very recent article he wrote, summarizing his journey.  A few notable callouts:

“Having driven 37,000 miles on four continents, I can also say that in my experience, the worst drivers’ trophy should be awarded to Bangladesh, where rules of the road are nonexistent and cars bump each other like it’s a carnival game.”

“I was also struck by how high-tech Seoul is … what a contrast with other places I had been through. It occurred to me that while half the planet’s population lives in a virtual reality, the other half can’t get enough to eat.”

And at the end of his journey:

“Finally I got through customs in Los Angeles, flashed my colorful passport to the officers and expected to see friends who’d promised to meet me — but no one was there.  After asking someone what day it was, I realized my mistake. It was Saturday. I’d told them I was arriving Sunday. I’d forgotten I would cross the international dateline somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and go back in time a day.”

Our thanks to Nick for taking Timberland with him on his adventure … and our best wishes as he starts the next one (job hunting!).