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The Art of Perfect Packing

Packing might seem like a silly thing to try to master (or maybe that’s just me), but when you’re trying — unsuccessfully — to squeeze that one last bag into your trunk or the overhead bin on an airplane,  it’s important enough.

We asked Todd Calitri, an Alaskan fly fishing guide, to share some of his packing tips with us.  When you travel as much as Todd does (he averages 250 days a year) and in the places he frequents (not a lot of baggage carts or bellhops in the Alaskan wilderness), you become a bit of an expert on how to pack right and travel right.

Just another day in the office for Todd Calitri

  • Choose the smallest bag you can. When you choose a huge bag, you’ll end up taking things you don’t need, and all that extra stuff weighs you down.
  • Take things that have more than one purpose. If a jacket looks good enough to wear in the evening and can also serve as a raincoat in a storm, I’ll pack it.
  • When in doubt, leave it out. If there’s something you’re not sure about taking, don’t take it!

Are you a perfect packer already, or could you use more of Todd’s expert tips?  Take our packing personality quiz to find out.  If you’re ready to put your packing skills to work, be sure to check out our collection of packs and luggage.