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Crossing the Pacific in a Plastic Bottle Boat

Three cheers for the crew of the Plastiki, a 60-foot catamaran made from over 12,000 recycled plastic bottles:

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The Plastiki just completed a 4-month journey across the Pacific Ocean, traveling from San Francisco, CA to Sydney, Australia … all in the name of plastic pollution awareness.

Along the way, Plastiki crew members endured rough weather and giant waves, and sailed by the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” formed by millions of pounds of plastic debris that have clustered together in the water.

Last spring, we shared the story of a similar vessel – JUNKraft – that sailed from California to Hawaii to raise awareness for the same environmental issue.  In the 2 years since JUNKraft made its journey, the “garbage patch” has continued to grow … indicating that there’s still more work to be done in controlling and reducing the plastic pollution problem.

Sailing the seas to create awareness is good … even better would be to sail the seas to create positive impact.  Anyone have a design idea for a plastic bottle boat equipped with a vacuum attachment?  If you’re going to make the journey, might as well pick up some trash along the way.