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Rock & Recycle: Expert Advice from Zero Hero

“Zero Hero” might sound like an oxymoron, but bear with me: this organization helps to make music and lifestyle festivals more eco-conscious and sustainable.  We caught up with Zero Hero founder Bryan Birch at the 2012 Wanderlust Festival in Vermont earlier this summer and he gave us some tips on how to enjoy summer’s best events without leaving a huge environmental impact:

Buddy Up.  Carpooling is way more fun than going solo anyway.  Another responsible alternative?  Using event-provided transportation, like the bio-diesel powered Wanderlust bus, to save gas money and CO2 emissions.

Wanderbus Roadtrip!

BYOBottle. Buying bottled water is so 2006.  Bring your own reusable bottle to fill on site to save a few bucks and spare the environment your plastic waste.

Dress for success. Mom always said wear clean underwear and that’s a good start – even better is topping it with clothing and footwear made with recycled and renewable materials. Like these:

Earthkeepers Wharf Bomber Jacket, made with recycled nylon

Earthkeepers Radler Trail Low Approach, featuring recycled PET linings and recycled rubber in the outsoles

To see what other eco-tips Bryan has for staying green while you’re festival-ing this summer, visit the Expert Advice section of our men’s website.

We Say Deering, You’ll Say Darling

Because they are really just the cutest boat shoes going, don’t you think?

And if cute isn’t enough, our Deering Boat Ballerinas are part of our Earthkeepers collection — Timberland’s most eco-minded product assortment.  Here’s our women’s footwear designer Erin to tell us more about how eco-consciousness plays a role in the design and development of Timberland products:

From 100% recycled PET laces and linings to recycled rubber outsoles to leather sourced from tanneries rated Silver for their energy, waste and water practices, the Deering was made with the environment — and your summertime outdoor adventures — in mind.

And in a bouquet of bright colors, the Deering Boat Ballerina was made with the rest of your wardrobe in mind, too; shop for your favorite flavor now. To learn more about our use of  eco-conscious materials, check out the Timberland Technology Guide.

Green Stuff We Love: Boxed Water

Eco-confession: Although we drink perfectly safe and tasty tap water out of our environmentally-friendly water bottles 99.9% of the time, there are still times we slip and grab a bottled water instead.  Call it convenience, call it poor judgment, call it rebellion … fact is, once in a while it happens.

Thank goodness for Boxed Water Is Better to help make our occasional tumbles off the Earthkeeper wagon less egregious. 

The Michigan-based company describes itself as “part sustainable water company, part art project, part philanthropic project.”  Drawing on a traditional milk carton for inspiration, the Boxed Water folks designed a container made from 90% renewable resources that is shipped flat and filled only as demand is created.  (As a frame of reference, the amount of flat unfilled boxes that fit in 5% of the space in a truckload would require about 5 truckloads if the containers were glass or plastic bottles.)  After consumption, the boxes can be broken down to their original flat state and are recyclable in most areas.

Better still, once this start-up company finds its footing, it pledges to donate 20% of its profits to foundations for world water relief and reforestation.

We’ll drink to that.

Thanks to our friends at Uncrate for turning us on to Boxed Water.  Want to share the green stuff you love?  Tell us here.