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One Day in a City Year

Blog readers will be familiar with Ryan and Kassidy Brown, siblings who are traveling from Alaska to Argentina in a “Journey of Action” — highlighting young people they meet along the way who are working to make positive social and environmental impact.

Ryan and Kassidy’s journey recently took them to San Antonio, Texas where they spent the day with City Year — an organization near and dear to Timberland hearts.  City Year’s San Antonio corps showed Journey of Action what leadership, dedication and positive impact means, and how they’re working to equip our next generation with the skills and opportunities to change the world.

Celebrating the First Snow

Ryan and Kassidy Brown are a brother and sister team from Nashville, Tennessee and together, they are Journey of Action – a Timberland-sponsored project that is part media tour, part road trip, part inspirational expedition.

For Journey of Action, Ryan and Kassidy are driving from Alaska to Argentina – a 6-month trip that is taking them into 14 countries and over 15,000 miles.  Along the way, they’re highlighting the many amazing young people they meet – those working to make positive social and environmental impacts and change.

One of the most recent highlights from Ryan and Kassidy’s journey was a trip to Flagstaff, Arizona and the Navajo Nation, where they had the unique opportunity to “snow bathe” – a cleansing, purifying (and obviously COLD) ritual that celebrates the blessings of the first snow.

Have your own unique way of celebrating the season’s first snow?  Share with us … and stay tuned for more video updates from Ryan and Kassidy’s Journey of Action.