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Boots on the Ground in NYC

Some might call this winter’s weather memorable … others might consider it challenging.  But imagine how difficult you might find cold, wet, snowy weather if you had no way to adequately protect yourself from it.

Timberland recently donated 200 pairs of boots to the Streetwork Project, a program committed to helping homeless youth in New York City.  In addition to offering its clients hot meals, emergency housing and clothing, the Streetwork Project also supports equally critical, longer-term needs with services like free legal and medical care, GED preparation and individual counseling.

Compared to all that Streetwork offers, a couple hundred pairs of boots didn’t feel like much … but in return for our donation, we received the following letter:

I wanted to let you know that in all this bad weather what a true gift the boots you donated have been. This couldn’t have been more timely as this has been one of the worst winters on record, and the homeless youth population we help is the largest we have experienced.

The boots really made a difference and especially came in handy on the day of the big snowstorm at the end of December.  We were open that Monday and had over 40 youth who visited the drop-in to get some respite from the storm’s aftermath.  Several young people arrived with their feet soaking wet because they did not have appropriate footwear for the weather. They were able to leave our program knowing that at the very least their feet would be dry and warm, thanks to Timberland.   One young man in particular was wearing boots whose soles were completely worn out but was very shy about asking for help.  One of our staff noticed the condition of his boots and offered him a pair of Timberland boots.  The young man was very grateful for the boots and ecstatic that all of you at Timberland cared enough to do this for him.

Another young woman came in that day with some thin canvas sneakers completely soaked through.  She is a young woman who was trafficked to the U.S. from another country and has not faced weather like this before.  We were able to provide her with a pair of Timberland boots and she too was very grateful and amazed that there are people who care and want to help.

Without these boots, the almost 200 youth you have helped would be exposed to the elements and facing serious health issues.  This has helped spread the word that not only does Timberland care, but that you believe in our program.  Thank you so very much from all of our staff at Streetwork and from the youth you have helped through this difficult winter.

We’re grateful to the staff at Streetwork for their dedication to helping homeless youth in New York … and honored to be able to support them and their clients.

To learn more or make a donation to Streetwork, please visit their website.