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Celebrating the ‘Second Life’ of Products in Poland

Wojtek Skulski is a Timberland partner in Poland who shared this story of the Young Talents Committed, an annual competition which honors young artists and their creative work:

Timberland was pleased to sponsor the annual Young Talents Committed competition in Poland this year, partnering with the Foundation for Social Communication.  The competition invited young people (both artists and amateurs) to submit their most interesting advertising concept around the theme of “the Second Life of Product.”  Competitors were free to make a short video or poster targeted at young people (16-35) which highlighted the need for responsible production and consumption of consumer goods.

Winning entries were determined by a jury which included many well known activists from Polish environmental organizations, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Environment of the Polish government.

The most interesting and creative works will be presented during the Gala Competition for Social Campaign of the Year, and we’re pleased to share some of them here:

1st place: Michal Tadeusz Golanski, “Pass It On”

2nd place: Grzegorz Layer, “The Second Life of the Product”

3rd place: Robert Swarczynski, “Do It Yourself”