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Celebrating National Tree Planting Day in China

March 12 is National Tree Planting Day in China.  To celebrate, Simona Tanning (one of Timberland’s tannery suppliers) organized a group of approximately 30 employees to plant trees on that day.  The purpose was to encourage people to protect trees and our earth, and to attract more and more Simona employees to the idea of environmental responsibility and “low carbon” living.

On the morning of National Tree Planting Day, the employee volunteers went to the destination, armed with saplings, shovels and buckets.  The volunteers were separated several groups – some responsible for digging and covering the soil, others in charge of passing and watering the saplings.  Although the ground was hard to dig, everyone worked happily and enjoyed the fun of planting trees.

After two hours of hard work, more than 100 little trees stood along both sides of the road.  The volunteers were tired, but full of happiness when they saw the saplings swinging gently in the breeze.