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8 Great Gift Ideas for Guys

I’ve had a few people reach out to me via iMessage or Facebook asking what to get “their guy” for the holidays. With the gift-giving season upon us, here’s a guy gift-giving guide from the perspective of someone who spends a lot of time on the go, for business and pleasure, in both the outdoors and the big city.

1. Timberland Boot Company Tackhead 8-Inch Boot

In full disclosure, I’m a bit biased as the Boot Company Brand Manager – but I can say with confidence that the Boot Company Tackhead 8-Inch Boot fits in whether you’re in a swanky restored whiskey distillery or on an authentic Yukon Territory ranch. With a mix of organic cotton canvas and premium full-grain leather with a wool liner, it’ll keep you on the cutting edge — and warm. It also features a Vibram® outsole, so you know it’s ready for anything.

2. Timberland Chocorua Alpine Waterproof Raincoat

When you can only pack one jacket, you need something that’s dependable, waterproof, warm and makes a statement. The Chocorua Alpine Waterproof Raincoat is seam-sealed waterproof and features Primaloft® ECO insulation (made from 50% PET, recycled plastic bottles). The aesthetic mixes classic mountaineering alpinist with mixed media elements in the form of leather in high wear locations normally reserved for Cordura® or Ripstop.

If orange is too bright for you, check out the Earthkeepers Front Country Hiker Jacket in Forest Night (Green), Black or Rust. You can layer it with a Lightweight Quilted Jacket and achieve a similar effect.

3. Timberland Front Country Chronograph Watch

It’s a sad reality that whether I’m on the go for work or play, keeping track of time is usually a necessity.  The Front Country watch is water-resistant (so go ahead and play in the snow) and durable enough to stand up to your daily workout or simply daily wear, thanks to materials like stainless steel and leather.  If classic black isn’t your thing, it also comes in olive green.

4. GoPro Hero3 Camera

I’ve become obsessed with documenting my life. I blame my kids. I’m a huge proponent of the aggregation of devices (aka iPhone), but there are times when you need to have some specialized gear for the task. The new GoPro offers you the ability to capture all of life’s little adventures wherever they may take you. No need to worry about dropping the iPhone in the ocean with this one.

5. Rapha Merino Base Layer

When I’m not working, I try to spend a bunch of time on the bike. When it got a bit chilly, I always wore this layering piece. Eventually I started wearing this off the bike, under button-downs when it was chilly or even on its own in place of a t-shirt. Merino wool keeps you warm, but also naturally wicks sweat and water. This makes it a perfect piece when you need to travel. I usually wear these on the plane, where the temperature changes more frequently than my 3-year old’s mood.

6. Cocones iPhone Sleeve

Here at Timberland, we’re a pretty crafty bunch. We like sleek stuff that is hand-made from natural materials, so it’s only natural (get it?) to have an iPhone case made of 100% wool felt.

7. Men’s SmartWool Diamond Jim Sock

Remember what I said about Merino Wool and its awesome abilities to wick sweat and keep you comfy? The same goes for socks. These little guys keep you warm, dry and also sport an argyle, diamond pattern for your inner hipster. Rock these socks in an office meeting or on the trail.

8. The North Face Base Camp Duffle

We’ve all been there. Your luggage arrives in baggage claim, and it looks like someone packed a honey badger in your bag. It’s that exact moment that you want to avoid when you’re traveling for work or for fun. This duffle comes as small as XS and as large as XL. It’s made out of a crazy, waterproof ballistic nylon, is tested at Mt. Everest (no joke) and can be carried like a backpack too.

Deep breaths. You’ll be ok. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Fashion For a Cause: Timberland Giving Suite at FABB

On the eve of Fashion Week in New York City last month, 250 of the country’s most influential bloggers and pacesetters flocked to the Lucky Magazine Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference (FABB).  Front and center was the Timberland “Giving” Suite, a wintry wonderland where bloggers previewed our Fall 2011 footwear collection and got a sneak peek at new Spring 2012 styles.

Inside the Giving Suite, bloggers were able to choose a pair of their very own warm winter boots, to help them better enjoy the outdoors in the cold-weather season ahead. They were then guided to the Giving Area, where they took to baskets filled with Timberland and SmartWool accessories, including chunky knit scarves, fitted winter hats and cozy socks.  Alongside the baskets stood pairs of Earthkeepers Mount Holly and Crystal Mountain boots – because no winter outfit is complete without stylish, outdoor-proven footwear.  With beautiful new Timberland gear at their fingertips, guests set out to style a complete winter look that would later be donated to women at the Peace House shelter in Park City, Utah.

Once looks were complete, a photographer snapped shots of the bloggers as they posed with the beautiful new Timberland boots and winter accessories they had selected for the donation:

Guests were inspired by the work Peace House does to provide shelter, support and protection for women and children affected by family abuse in Park City, and excited to be able to do something special for women in need.

Giving Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, we asked some of our Bootmaker Bloggers to share what they’re most thankful for.  Enjoy, and then please share: what are you giving thanks for this year?

I am thankful for the start of scuba-diving. This past weekend, I finished open water scuba-diving lessons. I realized how beautiful is the underwater and the damages caused by human beings… although the temperature was quite low, I enjoyed it very much! I would like to say thanks to my coach and diving buddies! Maldives, I am coming!! – Sam

I am thankful for the awareness that the world is full of wonder and awe, and that it is my responsibility to put in, not just take out.  – Jeff

I’m thankful for drive-thru coffee joints especially on really cold, snowy mornings when I’m craving a pumpkin latte but I’m SO not getting out of my car. I’m thankful for the “12 items or less” check-out lines at any store, particularly over crowded grocery stores on Sunday afternoons. I’m thankful for all day Law & Order marathons when I’m home sick or just avoiding my weekend chores.  I’m thankful for email, online ordering, e-banking, driving directions websites (because I get lost going anywhere) and even those pesky social networking sites. And lastly for this year’s list, I add remote controls of any kind … when I can find them. PS – I would be thankful for a remote control car starter if I had one. Hint hint.  – Sarah

I am thankful for great family and all the simple things in life.  – Heather

I’m thankful for the mountains that already have a few trails open for skiing – it’s that time of year!  – Amanda

I am thankful for Thursday and Friday off, and that I don’t care about Christmas shopping.  – Robin

I’m thankful for my wonderful family who provide unconditional love – no matter what; great friends – some of which have been in my life for over 25 years; traveling to foreign countries and seeing what lies outside of New England, and Tripoli pizza – the pizza of the Gods!  – Alyssa

Do you know Steamboat’s gotten 74” of snow so far this season? I’m thankful for that. And bundling into my SmartWool layers, puffy jacket, boots, hat, gloves, and neck gaiter to attend my dog as he romps through the snow mandatorily three times a day? That too. Along with those, I give thanks for my wood burning stove, my YakTrax (the bruise on my butt gives a shout out, too), and managers moving powder morning meetings to the ski mountain.  – Regan

I’m thankful for the Global Stewards who volunteer, above and beyond their regular job responsibilities, to drive our service events and CSR agenda worldwide.  They make such a difference by reaching out to employees in local language to engage them in their communities.  I’m also thankful for my family who remind me to pause and enjoy the moments I have with them.  – Atlanta

I’m thankful the mountains are starting to open!  – Devon